Alice: Madness Returns ESRB Description Sounds Brutal

We all knew that Alice: Madness Returns wasn’t going to be a cheerful stroll through a magical land, but the ESRB description goes into a bit more detail about just how twisted Alice is.

“Players use pepper grinders, knives, and other weapons to attack fantastical enemies (e.g., trolls, puppets, living teapots, doll-like creatures) in melee-style combat.”

Of course, these weapons are going to hurt slightly so “battles are accompanied by cries of pain, slashing sounds, and large splashes of blood that stain Alice’s body and the ground.”


It then goes on to detail enemies that can be decapitated, and how some are depicted with bloody wounds that expose their brains. It’s not all just violence though, as it seems everyone in Wonderland has a potty-mouth:

“During the course of the game, the dialogue contains occasional references to prostitution (e.g., ‘I saw you down at the bloody whore house,’ ‘Where’d she be without me? On the streets selling her backside,’ and ‘Where’s me money?’/’Get those fat-a*s whores out on the street . . .’). The words ‘f**k’ and ‘c*nt’ can be heard in dialogue.”

Rated as a ’15’ in the UK, expect to see Alice: Madness Returns on the front page of the tabloids sometime this June.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Hoping for some truly insane off-the-wall gameplay from this. Though I’m desperately trying to rein in my expectations because of the fear that they may be dashed on the rocks of reality.

  2. Sounds like my kinda girl.

  3. This will either be solid gold, or a steaming pile of crap.
    There will be no inbetween. Definitely waiting until there are a few reviews up, or maybe a demo.

    • Completely agree with you.

  4. i’ve never played any of american mcgee’s other games, did his parents actually call him that?
    i’m looking forward to trying this one.

    i can’t remember, is this one coming to consoles?

  5. Game play looked a bit boring and flat in the videos I saw of it. On the other side of the coin, the environments look terrific and it comes out around my Birthday so I’ll check out a couple of reviews and go from there :)

  6. do we know if a demo will be available?

  7. Won’t somebody please think of the children!!!!

    This game interests me a lot, despite the media response it will probably get I hope its well executed.

  8. Dear god somebody has to tell Fox about this!

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