Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay Videos

A couple of videos containing gameplay footage from Alice: Madness Returns have been released, and demonstrate some of the games platforming and combat mechanics. We are certainly digging the art style, that’s for sure.


EA has confirmed the game will be hitting stores mid-June.

Source: Video 1, Video 2



  1. Look at the way her hips move when she walks, dirty little tart!

    • She was once the White Swan, but now she’s the Black Swan.

    • It’s definitely rather sultry… Day one! ;P

      • alice is 7 in the books. just putting that out there…….

      • Ah but this is set 11 years after the first game, which is set 10 years after ‘Through the Looking Glass’, so she is 28 now. Perv away!

      • I would like you as my lawyer DrNate

    • Girl got swagger

    • The motion capture on the hips sway is superb. Something I still get frustrated about is seeing walk/run animations look like something Nick Park (Aardman Animations) might pinch off in a drunken frenzy when he returns home with a new idea.

  2. Looks promising. Well, actually it looks great, will have to keep my eyes on this one…

  3. Why is it that alice looks strangely hot?

    • Don’t even go there mate! We had this conversation the last time there was something posted about the latest trailer and it started to spiral out of control. It was so wrong but so right! :)

  4. I’m surprised to say that this didn’t appeal to me at all – the platforming looks boring, and combat looked confusing and annoying, even though Bayonetta-esque…

    Hopefully at some point a demo will change my mind.

  5. Here’s hoping for a demo

    • Demo would be great, looking forward to this.

  6. The cake wasn’t a lie at all! :]. I’m going preorder it

    • *I will preorder the game. Fix’d

  7. Loved the end of the 2nd vid :D

  8. Please EA can I have a demo?

  9. Perhaps the videos aren’t doing it justice but i’m not overly impressed with the visuals. The weapons and attacks look unique and interesting though. Nice ending to the second video :)

  10. looks awesome! Really impressed with this one. Hope there’s going to be a demo.

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