Modern Warfare 2 Now Available On Live

If for some reason you’ve yet to pick up 2009’s super-popular entry in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2, you can now download it in full from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

For those who have been in a cave for the last two years, the Infinity Ward-developed title picks up where Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare left off, on the trail of terrorist leader Vladamir Makarov, and sees you hopping between Russia, the States and even the ISS. The game has sold more than 20 million copies to date, making it the UK’s best-selling game to date – in the US it is topped only by Wii Play, and holds a Metacritic score of 94 on consoles.


Modern Warfare 2 is available now on the Marketplace for £39.99 (it’s still about £30 at retail, but out of stock on a lot of major sites), and you can add it to your download queue here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a better single-player experience, you can download the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for just £19.99 or pick it up for even less in store.

Source: XBLM, via Major Nelson.



  1. Wow, wonder who would buy it at that price. Bet it’s the same guy who bought ME2 off psn ;). In other MW2 related news, Robert Bowling said on his twitter that the patch to fix MW2 is going through QA now and should be available soon.
    I cant wait to play MW2 again, without fear of hackers, I joined a hacked lobby just as it ended and have all the emblems and challenges finished, which is a shame as i was quietly working through them at my own pace. Plus my name doesnt even appear on the leaderboards now. :(

    • I bought me2 off psn. Thought it was an absolute bargain at 24 quid.

      • how did you get it for that price?

      • Simples. Pm for more info. Not going to write about it on main page as it kinda gets frowned upon.

      • I know what he did! ;) At least, I think I do…
        Hint: £48/2 = £24

    • Luckily my stats etc have been unaffected.
      Hope the patch resets all mod effected stats/emblems. Everytime i see a 10th prestige, im skeptical if they earned it & if not worried it may effect mine. I try to jump out of any suspicious, or modded lobbies as fast as I can.

    • Yeah I was worried about that because it happened to me too, I hope they don’t take any action against people who had their challenges etc hacked by others.

      • ideally people who have been wrongly affected, have a patch to reset to prev state & those who intentionally modded stats to be reset to 0.
        i imagine the patch will stop modding & stats will remain at current state.(pure speculation)

    • think ill wait for update before hitting mp again & i’d advise those making a new purchase, to stick with campaign until patch available. (tempted to play as i write this, will try to resist. i ttreasure my stats & like the challanges for unlocking prestige embles/titles.)

  2. blimey Microsoft have come to a new low of trying to still milk this cow!

    What next the game and map pack bundles?

    • You do realize that they throw older 360 games on the “Games on Demand” service almost every Tuesday right? How is this milking anything? Is Sony milking Tomb Raider when they put that on the PSN Store? Or Assassins creed 2? Or Burnout? Or…well you get the point.

      • Because it’s Microsofts Xbox and Modern warfare 2, that’s why,

      • Good to see that there’s a rational reason.

  3. “picks up where call of duty 4 left off”
    Eh? Call of duty games have a story? I must have been living in a cave then!

  4. Both of which have been heavily modded.

    Waiting for thread title “mw2 anti-hack patch available.”
    For a second when i first saw mw2 icon, thought this might be the news i’ve been longing for. (purchased mw2 launch night)

  5. MW2: Best COD ever.

    • I would say MW1 was the best COD ever.

      • 1&2 are definitely the best ones.
        imo mw1 best gameplay & mw2 a close second for best, with best graphics

        Still play mw2 or [email protected] as oppose to b.ops. Even though graphics and sound are not at next-gen capabilities on both of treyarchs’ attempts, [email protected] has superior gameplay of the two imo.

      • I loved the COD4 Story, but never really got hooked on the MP as I was too hooked to R6V2 at the time. MW2 just has a great story and a fantastic MP, I’ve had so many laughs with my mates on it

      • Spent most time on MW1 as it was my first FPS experience online with the PS3 and it got me hooked.

  6. @SpikeyMikey23
    You do show on the leaderboards with a healthy 4.5 K/D.
    I was the same, got all the emblems unlocked and commpleted all the challeges. One of my friends got all his stats reset to zero.

    • oh…. cool lol. although my KD was only 1.54 (which I worked hard for)
      cheers for letting me know fella, glad im not totally missing from the boards

  7. Oops, i misread the title. I thought this was an article about On Live. :)

    • its all relevant
      if i was an unsuspecting cust who was about to make a purchase, id be grateful to be informed of current unfair/disrupting modding & the possibility of playing a match to find u’ve unlocked everything & hit max lvl

  8. Never played COD and probably won’t ever buy it. I don’t see point of playing a game that releases every year.

    • Well that has about as much logic as…something with very little logic.

      FIFA, Madden and every other sports game come out every year. Don’t see the point in those either?

      How about assassins creed, which had a game in 09, 10 and more than likely another one this year?

    • Just because it releases every year doesn’t mean you have to buy it every year.

    • i dont follow
      mw2 released 09 & still thousands play it

      • sorry 4db post, above comment for dude90

  9. £13.40 preowned on,

    why would anyone pay full price for it on live, its a loss as soon as you buy it as you cant trade/sell ect


  10. @SpikeyMikey23
    I had the same problem getting the boards up after being in a hacked game. Just deleted the game data and updated again.

    • cheers, will do that then, I was very annoyed that i couldn’t see myself on the boards, not great stats but they were mine lol

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