New Shadows Of The Damned Screens

Announced at last year’s TGS, EA’s  Shadows Of The Damned is an upcoming third person shooter being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the guys who brought you the Wii classic, No More Heroes. The game revolves around protagonist, Garcia Hotspur, as he plunges into hell to find his lost love (Dante’s Inferno, anyone?) equipped with a demon who can transform into an arsenal of weaponry.

The game is looking noticeably gory with some enemies decked head to toe in exposed muscle tissue and blood, a far cry from No More Heroes’ OTT limb-shredding carnage. With GDC around the corner, it’s likely we will  get another glimpse of SOTD soon, but for now, enjoy these screenshots.

Source: Press Release


  1. This looks amazing haha


    Is No More Heroes (PS3) released yet? I’ve completely forgotten about it which is strange?

  2. Looks nice, never heard of this before, could end up being pretty good, though we can’t judge off screenshots alone can we?

  3. wow that looks disgusting. last thing i wanted to see while eating breakfast!

  4. Wow, really don’t know what to say. Well it is by Suda51

  5. Screenshot 1: I want to add a caption with him saying “It’s a heavy month, okay?!”

  6. The gallery does not exist on the PS3 browser.

    • I like the idea of the PS3 being a media center… but 40D could be so much more if it was the full pc version.

      The browser would be amazing if it was fixed, I wouldn’t have to log on to my pc.

  7. Garcia Hotspur? Sounds more like a Chippendale.
    Nevertheless, the shots reflect what the inside of Suda51’s mind is probably like, suitably nuts and it could be very good.

  8. This looked interesting when I first heard of it. Looks even more so now.

  9. Soul Reaver meets Dark Sector…

    Looks good :-)

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