No ‘Game Over’ In Bit.Trip Flux

The Bit.Trip series was well known for its punishing difficulty level (Runner had me pulling chunks out of my hair), but since the last game, Fate, things seem to have calmed down slightly. This new found calmness will be carried forward into the last game, Flux, as developer Gaijin Games says there will be no dreaded ‘Game Over’ screen:

“To help tell the story of CommanderVideo’s transition back to The Source, we wanted to convey the point that it is an unstoppable pull which draws him home. For this reason, there is no Game Over. Bit.Trip Flux is meant to be played and completed in one sitting. It has also been designed such that most players will be able to fulfill that goal.”

Disappointed? Well don’t be:


“Bit.Trip Flux, while difficult, is not as punishing in its difficulty as the previous games in the series; yet reaching the new Meta Mode and staying there is quite a feat, so the challenge is there for experts.”

Dear Meta Mode – I’m going to beat you. You’re going to fold faster than Superman on laundry day. All the best, Dan.

The game is set to be released on January 25th in Europe, and January 28th in North America. No price has been confirmed, but the Bit.Trip games have always been reasonable.

Source: Game Set Watch



  1. It’s all about the scores anyway.

  2. Not heard of these, looks like an LSD induced Pong nightmare! What are you meant to do, bounce back as many bits as possible?

  3. Far too similar to Bit.Trip Beat…

  4. Awesome, I hope this game gets ported to the PC or another platform soon. Btw, don’t you mean February?

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