‘Sabrepulse’ To Feature In Chime Super Deluxe

It has been announced that PSN title ‘Chime Super Deluxe’ will have some serious musical talent behind its track list when it launches later this year. First off, a quick recap of what Chime is:

“A unique and addictive block puzzle game featuring an innovative music creation element. Players must cover a number of different grids with irregular shapes to form rectangular blocks called quads. Every shape and quad generates musical notes and phrases.

As the grid is gradually covered, the song builds up in the background. Working their way towards that elusive 100% coverage, players create a unique remix of the music every time they play.”

The initial line-up of artists has now been revealed, plus the track they have written. “Play With You” is written, produced and mixed by Sabrepulse, a London based musician who creates Drum ‘n’ Bass, Electro and Electronic Dance music. He is an influential figure in the increasingly popular 8-Bit and “Chip Tune” musical movements and uses a 1989 Nintendo Game Boy and a laptop to make his unique blend of sounds and compositions.


“Machine Dream” is the second new track and is by Nathan McCree, the composer and sound designer behind Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 (as well as many others).

The third new track is “Sympathy”, a cinematic orchestral tune originally used in a prototype level during Chime’s early development and updated for its inclusion in Chime Super Deluxe. It is written by Joe Hogan, a videogame and film composer and key figure in the development of Chime’s unique music systems.

We are promised more information soon.


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  1. All sound great additions to an already excellent game. Used to play this a lot on 360 and it’ll be receiving the same treatment when it surfaces on PSN. Can’t wait.

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