Get Your Tune In Chime Super Deluxe

Zoe Mode have announced a competition which could see your own musical stylings appearing as DLC level for the PSN game, Chime Super Deluxe.

“In keeping with Chime’s eclectic music policy, any style of music will be considered. Laptop producers, bands, choirs or percussion groups, anything goes. Chime Super Deluxe achieved its great results by collaborating with artists, now it’s the fans’ turn.”

The tune must be all your own work (no cover versions) and must not contain any samples that infringe on any existing copyright. The competition closes when the clock chimes midnight (see what did there?) on Friday 1st July and more details can be found by clicking here.


In case you were wondering, the subtitle is from ‘Comus: A Mask presented at Ludlow Castle 1634: on Michelmas night, before the right honorable John, Earl of Bridgewater, Viscount Brackley, Lord President of Wales, and one of His Majesty’s most honorable privy council.”

It’s a play written by John Milton which features a lady who wanders in to a forest and meets Comus, a devil like character who has disguised himself as a common villager. The lady is hungry and Comus waves his magic wand and offers her a tempting drink (said to represent sexual pleasure) but the lady refuses, showing the virtuousness of temperance and chastity.

There’s something you didn’t know five minutes ago, consider your life suitably enriched.

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  1. Get to work, TC.

  2. give it a go i suppose

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