New ‘Rage’ Trailer Released

A new trailer for Bethesda’s upcoming title ‘Rage’ has been released, and there isn’t much to say apart from “woah”. It looks truly stunning, and seems to have a whole host of options (my personal favourite is the throwing blade).


Source: YouTube via VG247



  1. Looks impressive, bodes well for DOOM 4 too if using the same engine

  2. Reminds me of Borderlands. Loved it and this looks quite nice too. So we have Bulletstorm and Rage this year. Can’t wait!
    Any info regarding Borderlands 2? :P

  3. Is it just me, or does this look *very* similar to Borderlands (without the cell-shaded style)?

    • I agree, once I saw Rage’s wasteland my immediate thought fell on Borderlands’ Pandora. The dry deserts, the old signs, the run down industrial buildings, it’s all there.

    • Reminds me a lot of “Oddworld: Strangers Wrath” too

      • It reminds me of the Isle of Sheppey…

      • We have a swampy in our midst! :)

  4. Looks very similar to Borderlands, even a BlOps RC was in there too

  5. Am in the only one who heaved a massive sigh as soon as i heard the word ‘wasteland’?

    I mean, this game looks amazing, but to be honest, i’m bored of that setting now.

    • Really? I think the setting has alot of potential.

  6. meh – Think it’s missed it’s window. Borderlands and New Vegas have been there done that.

    • New Vegas? That’s a bit ironic. You could have said that about both Borderlands and New Vegas! Like this:
      “meh – Fallout 3 has been there done that” You could say that to any game in any genre.

      Personally, I’m looking forward to this. Love iD software, and will no doubt love this too. Graphics are looking stunning. That’s what makes a game stand out to me, amazing graphics.
      Any mention of it being 3D?

  7. I hadn’t noticed before that this was Bethesda, looks awesome though.

  8. Meh – whats the big deal? Generic shooter + nice graphics = meh

  9. I for one am looking forward to this a hell of a lot. Having never played Borderlands, or any of the Fallout games, this setting is completely new to me. The sublime graphics, coupled with ID’s ability to make brilliant games have me excited, that’s for sure. One of the enemies in the trailer was even reminicent of the Spiderdemon (spider mastermind) from the Doom games, which I like (1:30)

  10. looking very very good. shame it hasn’t really done anything new. hopefully amazing gameplay and a good story will make up for this

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