News Snatch: Bioshock, Batman, Mafia III, And Doom

News Snatch is back from it’s holidays which means it is time to round up the fluff and nonsense that never made it to a full post. There are many reasons why these news items did not get their own feature, maybe it’s DLC for a game way past its prime, perhaps it is idle gossip, but sometimes it’s just because the news is blimmin’ pointless.

With that im mind may I direct your eyes above to the trailer for the remastered BioShock: The Collection for PS4 and Xbox one, the main selling point of which is their lovely 1080p visuals which can clearly be viewed in this trailer which 2K decided to uploaded in glorious 720p. Sigh.

Bargain of the week:  In Sony’s current PSN sale the standard version of Dragon Age III on PS4 is £7.89, but the deluxe edition with a load of extra DLC is £5.49.

Thank god for Activision who have uploaded a 1080p trailer for the PS4 re-release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Well done Acti, none of that amateurishness we find at 2K. Well, apart from you not knowing the game was coming out. Actually true.

Peter Hines always seems a bit tetchy, and today is no exception. Bethesda have a couple of hit franchises on their hands, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, so you’d think people wanting more games in the series would make him happy. Nope, Grumpy McGrumpPants is at home

“This studio is not a vending machine,” said Peter when asked about Elder Scrolls VI. “They’re not a two-button vending machine, where first we press Elder Scrolls and then we press Fallout, and then we press Elder Scrolls and then we press Fallout… They’re an incredibly talented studio of creative people. They’ve now made four games in a row, all of which were named Game of the Year, and they have a right to decide what they’re interested in working on next and which direction they want to go.”

In another interview, a less grumpy Peter said “I do think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels. Personally I loved Rage and had a tonne of fun playing it, but we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline right now so you will have to wait and see.”

A couple of videos for Mafia III then, this first one above shows some of the locations which are various shades of brown, brown and brown, unless they are at night when they are blue. The video below takes a look as one of the characters from the game, Cassandra.

Available for both Online and Offline Exhibition play, Octagon is VR-themed arenas which cunningly has eight walls, and it’s coming to Rocket League‘s labs very soon.

This is the latest in the every increasing pile of Warhammer games. Seriously, there are so many of them now I have lost track, I’ve never heard of this one before, the oddly named Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr.

The new version of Telltakes game engine is still utterly, utterly rubbish. This is a game with, let’s be honest, pretty basic graphics and very little in the way of effects, lighting, or indeed interaction, but it can barely get above 20fps. Oh, and the Xbox One version of Batman: The Telltale Series runs in 720p.

Good news for Microsoft as the the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in America last month! Those massive price cuts due to the impending launch of the Xbox One S may have had something to do with it.

Another trailer then, this time for some DLC for Doom.

Here’s Ubisoft talking about hacktivism and how it inspired Watch Dogs 2.

And Finally, bonkers Japanese stuff with Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA , a demo for which should be on both the PS4 and PS Vita stores right about now. Tara!

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  1. Never heard of Telltakes. Can’t wait for Telltales Batman either on Disc or a whole episode in one package.
    Wouldn’t mind Rage and Evil Within sequel had tons of fun on these games. Loved the combat system.
    Cannot wait for Mafia III xD

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