GT5 Hits 1.06, Is Now Awesome

When we reviewed Gran Turismo 5, we didn’t give it a score. We wrote lots of words, but no little number at the end – which made some people a bit confused but, as far as we were concerned, was justified by the simple fact that the game was much bigger than we could possibly ever get through in a limited timespan.


Now, after several updates, Gran Turismo 5 is finally the game it should have been.  Version 1.06 has landed – the one we mentioned earlier – and it’s a cracker. Thanks to our resident GT expert, JamboGT, we’ve got the whole list of changes and improvements, and it starts with the first big hitter – remote racing.  Yes, you can now start a B-Spec race via the internet, watching how your PS3-controlled drivers are doing remotely.  Incredible.

You can also now use the course maker in online races and the introduction of PP points – as we said – will finally mean that online races are properly limited to specific “numerical index” ranges.  There’s loads – it’s a proper, balls-out amazing update and yes – this makes the game something far above what we got late last year.

Major Changes and New Features

  • Remote Racing – [Remote Races] have been added to the bottom left of the [GT Mode] – [Community] screen.  Here you can start a fully automated B-Spec race using yours and your friends’ “My Drivers”, and gain rewards and experience from it. For details please see section 8-4 [Remote Races] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu, and also the new “Remote Race” page on, under the GT5 product information section.
  • Remote Racing from a Web Browser – In [Remote Races], you can visit the official “” website using a web browser, and remotely control your PS3® at home. You can start races, monitor its progress and check results from the website. This is a new playing style allowing you to play Gran Turismo anywhere.  Sign in from the [GT5 My Home] button on the upper right corner of the website to get started.
  • Using the Course Maker in Online Races – You can now use one of the “My Courses” created in [Course Maker] for your online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge), or select themes and generate courses on the spot. (Please note you’ll only be able to use My Courses created after this update).THESIXTHAXIS
  • Introduction of Performance Points in Online Races – We’ve now introduced Performance Points (PP), a numerical index of a car’s performance for online races. You can set PP restrictions in the online race regulations (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) to limit participating cars. For details, see 6 -15 [Performance Points] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.
  • Increased Rewards and Experience Online – The amount of rewards and experience gained from online racing (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) have been increased.
  • More Event Settings in Online Races – [Auto Race Start Cycle] and [Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption] have been added to the event settings for online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge).
  • More Penalties for Special Events – Penalties for improper driving such as driving off course and hitting walls have been increased for the [Special Events] under [GT Mode] – [GT Life].
  • Event Rewards and Experience Adjusted – The rewards and experience gained in [License] and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] – [GT Life] have been adjusted. Experience for A-Spec and B-Spec events have been increased, while rewards have been reduced back down to levels seen before the 1.05 update.
  • Car Loan in Events – In A-Spec, B-Spec and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] – [GT Life], you can now borrow cars that your Friends have set to share with friends. For details see 6-16 [Borrowing and Lending Cars] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.
  • More Car Settings – Gear ratio adjustment, power limiters, and weight adjustment have been added to the settings. For details see [18. Settings Guide] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.
  • Multi-Monitor Feature – From [Options] – [Hardware] – [Multi-Monitor], you can now access the multi-monitor display settings using multiple PS3™ systems. You can now enjoy Gran Turismo 5 in a wide display environment combining multiple PS3™ systems and TV’s/monitors. For details please see the support section on

Changes and Additions to Gameplay

  • It is now possible to replay and save [2P Battle] races.THESIXTHAXIS
  • [Controller Steering Sensitivity] has been added to [Driving Options].THESIXTHAXIS
  • [Corner Bank Angle] has been added to the section settings in [Course Maker].THESIXTHAXIS
  • In A-Spec events including endurance races, a confirmation prompt has been added before restarting a race from the beginning.THESIXTHAXIS
  • In replays, B Spec and while watching races, you can now change viewing targets directly from the screen without having to use a separate window list.
  • Personal BGM can now be used when voice chat is disabled in a [Lounge].
  • Cars in your garage that are not registered as ‘Favorites’ can now be used in a [Lounge].
  • When tire restriction is enabled in a Lounge regulation, only cars with tires that qualify will be displayed in the garage.
  • Driver and car display selections during races will be saved.
  • Karts now have [Quick Menu] settings.
  • You can now select multiple items in some important menu screens, such as when registering your favorite cars in your [Garage].

AI Adjustment

  • Race choreography and opponent car AI controls for licence tests and A Spec events have been adjusted.
  • Opponent car AI controls during B Spec races have been improved.THESIXTHAXIS
  • The evasive maneuver of opponent cars when a players car blocks the track has been improved.

Correction of Issues

  • Corrected an issue where it was possible to gain points unfairly in drift trials.
  • Corrected an issue where it was not possible to view the 4th sector in the live monitor.
  • Corrected an issue where the sound effects would not change when replacing the exhaust system or turbo kit.
  • Corrected an issue where the save data becomes unable to load when exceeding a certain file size.

Other Changes

  • A searchable item called [Race Type] has been added for room creation in the [Open Lobby].
  • The lap times for the [X Challenge] in [Special Events] have been adjusted.
  • Game save speed has been optimized.
  • The HDD access warning message that was displayed at game startup has been disabled for faster startup.
  • Car demo backdrops during an [Auto Demo] is now displayed randomly in 4 types (Morning/Day/Night/White) as is in the [Dealership].
  • The “S-AWC” integrated four wheel drive system of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X has been adjusted.
  • The [Force Feedback Strength] of the Thrustmaster T500RS can now be adjusted across a wider range.

Simply load the game when you’re signed into the PSN to get this update.




  1. Some really great things there like the ability to use created tracks online and not having to favourite cars to use them online. One thing I still think GT5 really needs though is an invite system, it’s a basic thing for an online game to have yet it doesn’t.

  2. Me and my mate really enjoyed the two player replays on previous versions – glad to see its back. Will have to put GT5 back in tonight.

  3. Thank you Polyphony, my respect for you is multiplied by a tenfold.

  4. Wow. These are some awesome changes. I might have to pop home at lunchtime and fire up the game so I can B-Spec this afternoon from my desk!

    • remember to share your B-Spec drivers online if you do!

  5. All well and good but it still takes over an hour to get everything installed and patched, and still plays like a game we played over a decade ago ;) hehe. Sorry, the game just wasn’t worth the wait for me, though I understand its appeal.

  6. Something else I have also noticed is that there are a lot more cars in the Online Collectors Dealership. With some very tasty rally cars (205 and Maxi Turbo).
    Also the price of the Formula GT has risen. Is this something that has been happening since the release of GT5, and has been getting more expensive since day 1?

  7. Love how PD implement features that could have been used with the official PS3 concept, where you could hook 2 TV’s to the same PS3. “And who’s going to have 2 HDTV’s?”

    • I know, I would like to see what the multi screen thing looks like! I may need to have a mini LAN party and find out ;)

      • You hook up mutliple screens and PS3s together and it feels kindah like actually sitting in the car. You look in front of you and you see the road, look right and you see the cokpit, look left and you can see out the window.

        This concept has actually been there since GT3 (it worked the same way too). But I don’t remeber if they’ve actually released that option to the public or was it just to show off the awesomeness :P

      • I thought as much! It would be kinda cool if you could tether 2 ps3’s up to one screen (i.e. over ethernet) to have uber graphics like fully rendered 1920×1080 res and 4xMSAA :P

      • I have a 37″ and a 40″, and 2 PS3’s I could use, but need another copy of GT5. However I think it might be a bit strange looking if it is for “surround” gaming seeing as one TV’s 3″ bigger than the other. I wonder if it uses a screen each for split-screen.

  8. Now I can finally race at work! yay!

  9. So are we ever likely to get a score?

  10. Anyone else noticed the AI in b-spec and a-spec are a lot more fighty!?, instead of the usual ‘after you sir’, its now more like ‘Come near me and I’ll put on the grass fool’, or ‘did you just cut me up!?, bastard! im gonna spin you out’.
    Only noticed it in the 4 races ive done since the update

    • I look forward to trying them out tonight! They always had a taste for pit manoeuvre whenever I attempted a little over zealous overtaking, but I think that was just me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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