InFamous 2 Special Editions Revealed

InFamous 2 will arrive on the shelves on June 7, 2011 – if you live in the United States. Despite both the EU and American PS blogs listing details of the special editions, only the U.S. get a release date.

There are two special editions, the first is cunningly named “inFamous: Special Edition” and has either a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ 3D lenticular cover. Underneath the aforementioned cover you will find the game and a voucher for a triple pack of DLC, one of which is very welcome. The pack includes:

  • ‘Electrocution Grenade’ limited edition power
  • ‘Golden Amp’
  • ‘Original Cole’ skin

I have no idea what a ‘Golden Amp’ is but with the ‘Original Cole Skin’ you can change the younger, ginger, tattooed Cole back to his grumpy, rough looking self. Huzzah!

Sony have also announced that there will be  a second special edition, the ‘Hero Edition’, which features all of the above plus:

  • A replica of Cole’s sling bag,
  • A Cole figurine
  • Limited edition comic book
  • Soundtrack CD

Take note EA; Bag included in special with game, not available seperately for $108. Selected retailers will also offer special pre-order bonuses:

  • ‘Lightning Hook’ exclusive power
  • ‘Kessler’ skin
  • Original Soundtrack

No prices were given for either special edition pack.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Classic Cole ftw!

  2. The Hero Edition and the Bad Special Edition look awesome. I hope there’s a way to choose which special edition case comes with your Hero Edition! Defo getting the Hero Edition!

  3. The elaborated description only mentions the “familiar jacket” though. The Cole himself seems to be intact?

    • Yeah, i noticed that – If that is the case, might be best off going for the Kessler pack!

  4. I’d go for the Special Edition to match my inFamous 1 SE, but I hate cardboard cases. A lot.

    • What’s to hate about cardboard cases? If you don’t like them, throw them away… :-)

      • I hate that they stand out so much on my shelf (I’m a bit of a neat freak), it’s the same with steelbook cases.

  5. The “Hero Edition” looks great, definatly getting it if its at a good price.

  6. Ooh I want the origional cole skin. The new look, looks too nice & friendly. I want the “evilish” look back :P

  7. Not usually one for all this pre-order content, but the notion of playing as Old Cole has sold me.

  8. The Golden Amp is just a golden version of his pronged weapon, the descriptions are in the pics. The lightning arc looks pretty useful, a shame its preorder only!

    • was just going to say that myself

  9. I can play as the original Cole? Sold! Balls to the other stuff.

  10. I like the bag. just sayin…

    • same! would love just the bag

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