Microsoft Readying Exciting News

GDC is quickly approaching and that means even more gaming news than we already have flowing in on a daily basis. Don’t worry, we’re just going to make Dan sleep in the office to make sure it’s covered – although he doesn’t really need sleep anyway. But seriously, Microsoft is holding a pre-GDC conference this week and according to the most recent Major Nelson podcast, they’re set to reveal some exciting new stuff. Here’s what he had to say.


“Next week I’m going to be down in San Francisco. We are having an invite-only press event that we’re going to have some cool news that I’m not quite fully briefed on, but we have a lot of news that we’re going to be announcing. Just telling you guys, you’re going to be really happy when you hear all the news, that’s all I can say.”

Of course, this might not be quite as mind blowing as he makes it sound but it’s not like he can say they’re set to reveal mediocre news now can he? With all the rumors of Halo remakes, upcoming Kinect titles and dashboard updates, it’s anyone’s guess what he’s referring to. Whatever it is, we Dan will be sure to bring it you when it surfaces.

Source: Major Nelson via Examiner



  1. I do not approve of pre-conference conferences, same goes for announcments of announcements. It’s like being in a conversation with someone who shouts “Look at me, I’m going to speak now and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!”

    • That’d actually be quite funny!

    • I actually think it’s a great strategy. Rather than announcing your news alongside everyone else at the conference, get out in front of them so your announcements have their own day in the sun.

      Sony did it pre-E3 last year by announcing a couple of big games and IMO, it worked well.

      • Where does it end though. If everyone announces they are going to have a big announcement, it is back to being part of the noise. Do you then announce a pre-announcement announcement?

      • This wasn’t a formal thing, though. He just mentioned in his podcast that they would be rolling out something new in a conference next week and we thought we’d be nice and tell you about it :-)

      • Sony are good at this too, by the way, it’s hardly a MS thing. Think Motorstorm last year, amongst others.

      • I’m going to post a comment regarding my thoughts on this soon.

  2. Nothing MS has ever said will be very exciting actually turned out to be so for me, so i’ll await this with lukewarm feeling.

  3. “The next Xbox 360 revision will include a blue ring to stop all the RROD complaints.”

    • don’t be silly…It will be a new brick plug that is so much bigger it can be used as a dog/cat house, why waste all that unused heat.


    • Really, another RROD joke? I though we were done with those.

  4. You do realise it’s only Monday morning? You’re going to have to ease us into these big hitting news events gently. ;) I can hardly contain myself.

  5. Are Sony having a conference at GDC?

    I know they are having a discussion on NGP,I just wondered if they had a conference planned.I’m still waiting for official announcements for Starhawk,Sly 4 and that secret Star Wars Move game.

  6. I hope its not a USA only thing

    • Free twinky for every American?

  7. An NGP rival concept? Revival of a classic Rare game? Could be anything I guess.

  8. Yeah they could be announcing that they’re venturing into the hand held market. Who knows

  9. Hmm, i wonder if this is an annoucement of an annoucement of an annoucement of a dashboard update. Or it could be something that noone is expecting.

  10. It’s either going to be a new halo or a so called exclusive that is only really an exclusive for a short time. Hardly worrying for Sony who have a huge list of exclusives that are 100% exclusive.

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