Play MotorStorm Apocalypse This Weekend

We played it last year and we played it this year and it’s getting better every single time we do. Evolution’s near-future world ending racer is nearly here (it’s out next month) but you can get your grubby mitts on it this weekend up and down the country in some rather tasty hands-on sessions.


Where?  Well, here’s the details:

    Meadow Hall
    Currys Digital
    UNIT 93 Upper Mall
    46 High Street, Meadow Hall
    S9 1EN
    Junction 9 MegaStore
    Currys M6 Axletree Way

    WS10 9QY
    Glasgow Braehead MegaStore
    Currys UNIT G
    136 Kings Inch Drive
    Braehead Retail Park

    G51 4BT
    Stevenage MK/PL
    Currys Roaring MEG South
    & Leisure Park

    SG1 1XN
    PCW Lakeside
    PC World, Unit 2B
    Lakeside retail Park
    West Thurrock

    RM20 1WM

Let us know if you attend, we’d love to hear what you think of the game.



  1. Geordie Shore gets no love :(

    • yeah tell me about it …could have been in hmv,its big enough downstairs in the game department.

      • I know, half of the gaming floor is empty with either console stands or loads of large peripherals like Guitar Hero so plenty of space. I wish Newcastle wasn’t overlooked so much.

    • We very rarely get anything near us.

  2. Nowhere near the south, booooo.

  3. Played this game at PS Access and Beta Rooms, boith times it was fantastic, a huge improvement on previous Motorstorm outings. I dont think ill be picking it up straight away because I just dont have the dough, but I’ll defo be picking it up at somepoint soon after

  4. And buy carrots? Who’s buying carrots from any of these stores?

    • Yep count me there, although I have to take the ferry across =D

    • Was thinking that!

  5. Stevenage may just be the best town name ever.

    • ?

      • You might think so, don’t get any illusions that it’s the best town ever though.

        TW there is a place called “Breasty Haw” in Cumbria.

      • Er, did Cumbria just get censored?

      • Yes, it just did.

      • Yep. The county I live in is censored. Breasty Haw is only about 30 minutes away too. Not that any of this helps me play Motorstorm 3 however. :/

      • I’m guessing his name’s Steven?

  6. The closest is Sheffield at a healthy 122 miles away but Glasgow is far more straight-forward to get to at 163 miles.
    In any case, I think I’ll stay at home and keep my fingers crossed for a demo.

  7. B’Ham nearest one to me. I say nearest it about 130 miles away – one way.

    Fork Hunts really :-(

    • I like how it’s listed as wednesbury, Birmingham. When it’s actually nearer Walsall, but who wants to go there?? :0D Either way it’ll be a pain in the ass to get to on Saturday as it right next to bloody Ikea & the traffic is horrendous there on a Saturday! 10 miles from me but an hour to get there? I don’t think so :0S
      Might be going past Sheffield on Saturday, so would be more likely to pop in there!

      • Shit a brick I didnt see the Sheffield one, might hit Meadowhall at the same time – REEEEESULT!!! oooSH!

      • I like “shit” doesn’t get censored but cumbria does :P Haha

      • Should be a “how” in there…

    • FAIL!

  8. I’m 10 mile away from Meadowhall, sweet :)

  9. I could be heading to Meadowhall if I actually had some fuel in my car.

  10. Hmm, gotta nip up to see my folks this weekend, might make the trip to Stevenage at the same time.

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