Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Week 5

It’s that time of week once again where TSAN TC returns to fill in your urge for game-racing action! Chuggy is on hand to guide you through the penultimate week’s action and  as mentioned before, lots of effort is put into making it so cheers for all the support you lot are giving this project.

This festival has been organised by DeathinFlamez.



  1. Haha, the beginning of Falling Down was complete chaos. Ruddy cheap respawn :P As always, fab video!

    Oh crap, Kivi is just 2 points behind me? Why am I not practicing… *jumps for controller*

    • Practise? shit me too!
      *jumps wrongly to the bathroom*
      *jumps back for controller!*


  2. Favourite moment: 10:44 = “like a boss!”
    loved 3 wins there and now i need to preform some miracles on the last races tonight to win this races!

    • “to win this races!” ?
      can u be more wrong? haha
      i mean to win this tourny! haha =D

  3. Impressive racing MJB, you do realise that one of the best cars stunt cars in Burnout is pretty similar your winning Buggy…..good choice dude!

    • Jesus Christ!!
      Impressive racing MJB, you do realise that one of the best stunt cars in Burnout is pretty similar to your winning Buggy!

    • thx! lets see if i can be just as impressive in 20 min!
      wish me luck=)

      • Indeed, best of luck to all participants ;)

  4. Another awesome vid there, cheers lads!

    Looking forward to seeing the final standing after todays tourny. If I could do the tournament again the first thing I would do is change my vehicle choice, the ATV was horrid to drive. However, the whole thing was awesome and so good to race with you guys…

    Will probably meet tomorrow night now!

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