Motorstorm Apocalypse TSA Festival: Week 4

It’s that time of week once again where TSAN TC returns to fill in your urge for game-racing action! This week Chuggy is back on commentating duties but many thanks for giving the Captain lots of support in his one off commentary last week. As mentioned before, lots of effort is put into making these videos and we have endeavoured to keep it to roughly 20 minutes worth (like a real programme) so cheers for all the support you lot are giving this project.

This tournament has been organised by TSA member DeathinFlamez.


  1. Great video yet again. Was my last week in the tournament and I could only manage 9th overall :( Good luck to all for rest of the tournament

    • Good luck at university pal enjoy :)

  2. Well seems I didn’t make much of an impression on chuggy, first race indeed! I’d very much like to place in the top 8 that is my goal.

    • I know the feeling, I modified my bodywork two weeks ago! :P

  3. Race 1…
    Chuggy: “We don’t know who’s won yet…”
    Me: “KEGS.”

    Nicely timed :P

    No new paint job though, those are just battle scars. And possibly a missing door.

    I get the feeling I did something to tick the Captain off, he keeps choosing footage of me crashing :P

    Great video, as always! Skyline is gonna be a bitch…

    • haha yeahh, awesomly timed to say who had won! SPOILER!!! :P

      skyline is going to be really interesting to say the least! =D

    • No mate! :D I have a system for choosing what order footage is in (top secret ;)) but you have not ticked me off don’t worry :)

      • the system know when people crash so it shows it! :P

  4. my crash in 10:00 costed me very valuable seconds in the standings since i was only 5 seconds behind kegs in 2nd and about 8 or 9 seconds behind captain overall…

    and the “crash” in 16:08 has to be (see what i did there captain?) some sort of glitch!
    i don’t know but i might have taken 2nd place! =D

    i really need to race really good tonight since i want that 3rd place from Tomjakes! :P

    and excellent video and awesome commentary by chuggy! love it!

    • I did see what you did there ;)

  5. Love the video! All this stuff makes the comp a lot more enjoyable!

    Gutted I missed the last 2 weeks, I’m available this week though so it’s the return of the ATV and it’s irresponsible, incompetent fleshwagon.

  6. I’m there tonight. Might be able to film the action from the back of the pack.

    • Good stuff. It’s the only time I’m ever on camera.

  7. Ive said it before and ill say it again Dance while the recor…erm i mean once again great vid (even though i had a rough time of it lol) and once again nice commentary. Hopefully i can pull something out of my hat for tonights races now where did i put that hat!….

    • *watches OAs hat burn in the flames of my campfire*


      • Burning my hat eh! tut tut tut… keep an open when you fall asleep tonight!!! WHA HA HA WHA HA HA HA HA ;D

      • *looking out the window and sees a shadoww moving away fast*
        ……. help…….

      • Soon MJB will be dead and i can cross another name off my list! MWAHAHAHA! I will become TSA’s number 1 stalker! MWAHAHA! *cliched lighting hits evil lair*

      • luckily i have stalked u enough to know ur everyday habits!
        i will strike in pure daylight on one of ur everyday-morning walk! u won’t see it coming!

      • HA! I always carry a ultra greatsword with me and i will defeat you. You will feel a lot of pain when my greatsword slices your bones in half whilst it floors you to the ground. Your lungs will be crushed and you will struggle to breath before i slice your arm off before doing the same to the other arm.

        If you somehow managed to sneak up on me and stab me through the torso, that will have no effect for i cannot be killed and can take even more damage then Chuck Norris. I will best you and claim my place as TSA’s number 1 stalker.

  8. The ‘car on car action’ comment made me smile, very polite way of saying someones trying to hump Kegs11. Another good video, cracking stuff!

    • car on car action is the shiieeet!! :P

      • now that i think of it: that is where mini-coopers come from! ;)

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