GeoHot Raising Defence Fund to Fight Sony

Sony-enemy number one, modder George “GeoHot” Hotz, is requesting donations from fans and supporters of the mod-scene to fund his defence against the Japanese electronic giant’s legal action against him. Already tallying up the prodigious sum of $10,000*, George wants “to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business.”


Within hours, Hotz announced that the “first round” of funding had ended.

Hotz goes on to explain why he is doing what he’s doing, claiming Sony are “bullies” and should focus on fixing the problem and not suing him. An advocate against mass piracy, the hacker claims mod team and Custom Firmware authors fail0verflow’s goal was “even nobler than mine,” as they wanted to give back to consumers something (OtherOS) that Sony illegally “stole” from their customers.

Would Hotz be content to settle with SCEA? Apparently he would consider it, though we doubt Sony would comply with his demands to “include OtherOS on all PS3s and [issue] an apology on the PlayStation blog for ever removing it.”

Finally, Hotz admits that his recent rap (inserted below just one more time because, well, it’s amazing), was an attempt at humour but that he does take these legal wranglings “very seriously,” and is hence asking for people’s support. Claiming he was close to quitting the hack scene last June, he says how such a retreat would set a dangerous precedent in the hacking community that all big companies have to do to stop them is issue a writ. Ominously, the renown security circumvention expert went on to state:

I will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.

*That’ll get a couple of hours with some of the “hardest hitting lawyers in the business” and maybe a nice lunch.

Source: Geohot



  1. I don’t think it matters who he gets. Sony would get someone even better. It’s not as if he has grounds for an argument. The idiot broke the law and now he’s sweating it out. Good job too. It’s the only way people like him learn.

    ‘Sony should focus on fixing problems insead of suing him’ Well that’s all fine and well sir, but they are fixing problems, ones that you help create and you are one of these said problems yourself. You made your bed, now lie in it as Sony takes it from underneath you. Ahh Justice.

    • He broke a law which hasn’t been challenged properly yet & similar laws have failed to be enforced in court (DVD security circumvention for example)

      He hasn’t copied or pirated anything, he just believes that you own the thing you buy, and not just a ‘right’ to use it in the way the manufacturers tell you you can which the DMCA was introduced to protect.

      Piracy is completely unlawful & is abhorrent to me & any right thinking person, but fully owning something you buy is a completely different issue.

      Get the popcorn, this will be interesting.

      • He hasn’t pirated or copied anything yet but he has made it accessinle to a vast amount of people losing Sony profit. That is something they will drag out for a while against him.

      • No he has never made it accessible to anybody to pirate anything on a ps3, everything he has released he has released in a form that has not allowed piracy, geohot is completely against piracy.It has been other’s that have released software that allowed piracy, but since this geohot is now the picture boy of ps3 hacking everybody just blames him for piracy instead of actually learning a bit about the chap and his work.

      • Lovely how such an innocent word is pounded upon by the language filter. :)

    • He is a problem. Suing is fixing.

    • he loaded the gun in my eyes.

      • He provided a tool. That tool can be used to make other tools that run illegally copied software but that wasn’t its primary purpose as provided by him. If they nail him for this they should go after the american gun lobby next.

      • Great point well made Bladesteel.

      • @bladesteel that’s a silly remark its an expression. so you have a loaded gun you leave it lying around were there are murderers about whats going to happen?

    • Sony will probably be using lawyers who they already have under employment (that way they can keep cases going for as long as they want without actually running up huge legal fees). However, I’ve found that most lawyers enjoy making a name for themselves (I know, weird) and a good way to do that is through offering your services in a big case…

    • If you run your own code on the machine, you give up any rights you had to support from the official vendor / manufacturer, as you have used the machine in a way the creators did not intend – it’s that simple. With the law currently, the service is PSN, not the use of the PS3. When you buy a PS3 from a store, you’re buying the console – not a license for it, which would logically require a contract of agreement be signed at point of purchase. Sony can pull all support for your console if you mod it, but beyond this there’s nothing they can do, and quite rightfully too.

      If there is a prosecution here, it will not stem from piracy or modding consoles; at most, Sony can hope for going after Geohotz for releasing the key or tools, but even then that’s on shaky ground. There’s the potential for this entire campaign from Sony to blow up in their faces if they’re not careful, and even if it doesn’t I can see Sony coming out worse off.

      • Edit: Thinking about it, from here the best thing Sony could do from a PR perspective (which at this point is all that matters) would be to hire Geohotz and / or the fail0verflow team, in the same way companies hire blackhats to test their systems.

      • why does he not make his own product then & let everyone have it for free? or charge for it? he is doing it for the people after all? the PS3 is for games that’s what its made for so just enjoy playing games! that is all I want from it.

  2. Is there any way we can send money to Sony or just send someone round to this little ‘A’ Holes house?

    • The best way to support Sony is to simply keep doing what you’re doing, buying and enjoying games and supporting developers, while having some patience regarding the perpetual (but necessary) firmware updates they now have to release.

      • I thought the law was clear cut about what we do and do not own?

        I mean I own my PS3 in terms of its physical being but any software running on any part of it is only licensed to be used by me?

  3. Big companies can drag these things out for months, challenging the tiny details so he needs to keep revisiting his lawyers meaning the funds will disappear at an ever-increasing rate.

  4. I really hope Sony bleeds every penny out of him to discourage other hackers.

    • I am with you on that

    • Without hackers you wouldn’t have had an App Store for iPhone. Do you remember?
      Apple said they will give iPhone apps but after Geohot hacked the iPhone. Apple saw and them copied.
      If people want to hack, let them hack as long as it doesnt affect other people. It’s not his fault the PS3 security sucked.

    • I hope he wins! one for the little guy, corporations get too much money with no customer care

  5. “the hacker claims mod team and Custom Firmware authors fail0verflow’s goal was “even nobler than mine,””

    The way I interpret this is that HIS goal was not to give back Other OS support.

    I wouldn’t care actually, but someone needs to teach George the meaning of vanity, because he clearly has no idea what it is.

    Currently his actions and behaviour has made me hope that Sony wins this.

  6. Here’s hoping his defence fails miserably.

    • Even if his defence doesn’t fail Sony will drag it out so long he won’t be able to afford a loaf of bread let alone a computer to hack people.

      • That is a bit unfair, but I’ve got a feeling Mr Hotz won’t stop until he literally cannot continue.

      • I don’t think it’s unfair. He cost them money, he should pay! Simple. Nothing will happen to him he hasn’t brought on himself.

      • Yeah, because winning a case through exploitation of the US legal system rather than with the law is fair. I can’t believe some of the crap people will put up with because they feel a screwed up allegiance to Sony, you make me sad for mankind.

      • @Uhyve

        So he deserves to be treated ‘fairly’? Did he treat Sony fair when he illegally hacked their system and knowingly opened it up for piracy and other exploits that wreck it for people who actually pay for their games? He picked the fight with sony so they have the right to rip his balls off IMO.

        It’s blind, liberal, nancy-boy communists like you who make ME feel sad for mankind.

      • Of course he deserves to be treated fairly. Everyone does, its not like you can take away his human and legal rights!

      • Uhyve let me start of by saying im am one of the few on here that seem’s to agree with your way of thinking.
        To some of the other’s in this post, mainly HandBanana, i find your comment quite insulting.You have just accused someone who you do not even know with a quote such as this “It’s blind, liberal, nancy-boy communists like you who make ME feel sad for mankind.”This is unfair treatment towards someone just for the way they think towards a situation, just because you do not agree with Uhyve idea’s does not give you the right to attack him in such a way.I could attack you in a similar fashion to what you have done to Uhyve after reading the rest of your comment, which is just uneducated dribble and once again is just one long attack, this time towards Geohot, another person who you do not know and from the sounds of it now very little about.But guess what im not going to attack you in such a fashion and start name calling as I feel you have a right to your opinion and im not going to attack you for having it even if i do not agree with it.

      • @ HandBanana

        There is absolutely no need to resort to childish name calling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      • Watch the name-calling. Like I mentioned elsewhere on this comment section, it’s not tolerated. If you can’t comment without insulting someone, don’t comment at all.

  7. Ew, get lost. That rap makes him look like even more of a plonker than I initially thought.

  8. If I ever saw George I would knock him out in a single punch!

    Then I will throw him to the wolves…..

  9. There is a much, much better version of his rap *ahem* :D

    • please tell me you haven’t remixed it!

      • I’m not saying anything. What you find on Youtube when you search for Tuffcub ft Geohot is entirely your own business.

      • Ha! Just watched it and I gotta say, Love it!

      • Top, top work Mr Tuffclub. Thoroughly applaud the sentiment too. Nothing wrong with his technique, but there’s a need to fling homophobic shit like that around!

    • We need Kevin Butler to do a response rap :)

    • Lol, if anyone could set him ..erm.. straight, you can TC ! :P

    • Hahahahah! AWESOME

  10. Just bought some stuff on PSN to support Sony. Screw you hackers. I don’t like people wasting Sony’s time when they could be doing better things to further enhance the PlayStation experience.

    • Same here just got some games and signed up for the 90 day DCUO subscription

      • Could I point you in the direction of the DCUO thread in the forum! It’s a nightmare trying to find people on here who are playing it!

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