GeoHot Moves Onto Class Action Lawsuit, EULAs

The beauty about blogging is that, unlike hacking, you’re pretty much free to talk about what you want.

So, after the settlement between George Hotz and Sony last week, Mr Hotz has moved onto focusing on the current class action lawsuits involving the removal of OtherOS, a common topic here on TSA.


“These class action lawsuits are the type that can bankrupt or do seriously financial harm to a company,” said Mr Hotz, AKA Geohot, “and finally get Sony to realize that they are not above the law as they would like to believe.”

He’s still mentioning his own particular case though.  “SCEA also likes to play games with their corporate structure,” he says in his latest blog. “They are whining to the court, saying they didn’t remove OtherOS and that they are just the messenger. And that they can’t get the documents and communications saying why because SCEI has them.”

“Then at the same time they assert,” he continues, referring to his own run-ins with Sony, “well you know we can get the documents, but you have to agree to never name SCEI as a defendant. If I were the plaintiffs, the first thing I would have done is added SCEI and got a motion to compel on those docs.”

“As a quick sidenote, they claim restoring Linux to your PS3 is “not only prohibited under Sony’s agreements, but is illegal”” says Hotz. “This is an example of a lie. EULAs are not law. Sony’s beliefs are not law. You win a case cleanly against someone who restored the Linux you took away from their PS3, then we’ll talk.”

“Should I feel privileged to give you $300? If you take the privilege back, what can I do with my uncontested ownership physical PS3? If I stop using your software and install my own, you’ll sue me.”

“Basically if Sony does bad things,” he concludes, “you better not call them out, or they’ll attempt to make your life hell.”



  1. Can we please do a rally round and get some money to pay for an assassin?

    • Count me in!

      • and me – use one of the chaps from Tenchu, theyll do a good job!

    • are psn cards accepted.

    • I’ll give a £5.

    • Lol I agree.

    • Have you ever used Linux? its bloody brilliant. I’m gutted Sony got rid of Other OS. PS3/PC/Blu ray player – sounds like a killer combo to me.

      • I currently have xubuntu 10.04 on my OtherOs PS3, great for retro emulators but still can’t get video/flash working. The problem sadly is that PPC architecture is not being supported anymore, whether PS3 or macintosh.

    • keep your money … I’ll do it for free.

      • I’m quite sure Sony would give you a platinum trophy for that!

  2. “Basically if Sony does bad things,” he concludes, “you better not call them out, or they’ll attempt to make your life hell.”

    Well George, learn your lesson and shut the hell up.

  3. Some interesting points and i can’t say i completely disagree with him. Mind you, i would still like to know some more details about the settlement he reached with Sony.

  4. Asbergers at its finest

  5. Cry me a river and get over it.

    Does it hurt when you sit down, George?

  6. Given that Sony effectively backed down, rather than risk losing in court in the same way Apple & DVD companies previously have, I’d have though Geohot would reward himself with some free-time rather than going on the offensive again.

    Still, there’s still quite a bit at stake with these class action suits against Sony, and he’s got some very valid points in the final 3 paragraphs above.

    • Agreed. The whole issue that was settled with sony is completely separate to the Other OS feature.

      To those making the rash comments above about “assassinating” him (and I know it’s a joke), should really take this more seriously. It concerns all those that have, do and will purchase electronic equipment and will define what ‘ownership’ of a product means in legal and physical terms.

      • I don’t like what he has been up to, but he has a very valid point, and I think he has some balls to even go here against such a massive company with plenty of sway on people.

    • Agreed, fella. When he’s not taking the piss there are some very valid points which may well have a huge knock-on effect with the consumer.

  7. They should have included another clause in that settlement…

  8. there me thinking he said he didnt know who SCEA are and here he is naming them the liar

  9. I’m sorry but I can’t be the only one fed up with this kid can I? Sure, there are some valid reasons there but I, for one, couldnt give a monkeys about Linux on the ps3! I did think about it at the time and researched others opinions but since it was so limited in what could & couldn’t be accessed, I didn’t bother.

    • Yeah I’m starting to get sick of it

    • But I enjoyed Linux. So can I have it back please?

    • I’m getting tired of this too

    • I’m so tired of him I can’t be bothered to think of a witty jibe. And that depresses me.

  10. I thought he never heared of SCEA? Still, he does have some valid points.

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