First Battlefield 3 Screens Appear

The first batch of Battlefield 3 screens have made their way online, although if I’m being honest I’m not entirely sure whether they are pre-rendered, or using the in-game engine (curse these modern graphics!).

The game will visit Tehran, Paris, New York, Sulaymaniyah, and Iraqi Kurdistan. It also features highly destructible environments, and apparently the ‘F’ word is used a lot.

Source: Bf3blog



  1. Looking good, looking very good. Tehran you say? Nothing like a bit of controversy!

    • Given EA’s use of the Taliban/Opposing Forces to create headlines, I’d expect it to be a well trodden promotional path by now

  2. Paris would be interesting!

    • especially if the Eiffel tower is destructible

    • First thing I thought when I saw these screens was I would rather see pictures of Paris instead of generic middle eastern shooter picture no. 1000

  3. Could well be in-game gameplay, or in-game cutscenes which use the game’s engine but have a layer of post-processing effects added, similar to GT5’s replay mode where the AA & effects dials get turned up to 11

    Looks nice either way

    • I’d say Cut scene due to the camera angles and such

      • its easy to take in game footage, pause it and view it from a different angle, if you are the devs that is.
        Im liking the more western urban scenarios, hopefully will be able to get some mangled metal mixed in with the destruction rather than just piles of rubble!

      • p.s., also hoping there are some comical trailers like there were for the bad company series, but I assume this will be a more serious entry, as the comedy came from the characters in bad company

  4. One of the BF devs posted a tweet saying people saying they are pre rendered are ‘innocent’ or something like that, suggests they are in game.

  5. I wish I had the money to throw away on MOH just to get in on the beta.

  6. Pffft, standard car models. They should all be premium! I bet the wheels have no texture on the inside, too…

  7. glad im a huge battlefield fan, looking forward to this and the new MOH

  8. Probably the opening cut scene, BF2 and 2142 both had generic battles taking place as the openings. Don’t let me down DiCE!

  9. Looking great. I will definately be getting this.

  10. I know that this is called Battlefield 3, but does that make it a ‘normal’ Battlefield game, or the sequel to Bad Company 2?
    I’m slightly confused…
    Looks great though!

    • It is a normal battlefield game. you know blowing sh*t up, flying a plane into a group of tanks and ejecting. and no story. I think EA are planing to have two different Battlefield fanchises. One being the normal one and the other Bad Company or i could wrong and they are just trying to confuse us.

      • Bad company was a spin off series, They will create 2 totally different games for each. It’s like doctor who and torchwood, visually similar but storyline wise completely different.

    • Battlefield, Battlefield2 & spin-off Battlefield 2142 & Battlefield 3

      Bad Company is a different branch of the same tree

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