Gears Of War 3 Dated

That super secret Microsoft announcement today? It’s – as if you couldn’t guess – about Gears of War 3, which now has a lovely shiny release date: 20th September, 2011.

The press release calls the game a “glorious conclusion”, and the story takes place eighteen months after the end of Gears of War 2, with the lads (Marcus, Baird and Dom) battling their way through the Locust to save the remaining human survivors.


There’s a co-op campaign mode (four player, nice), five-on-five multiplayer and new modes, including “Beast Mode” where you take control of the Locusts.

Look out for new maps, too, including one called Trenches which sports an “impressive” sand storm, and four others dubbed Overpass, Mercy, Checkout and Thrashball.  There’s also new weapons: the Bayonet Charge, the Retro Lancer, another shotgun and a heavy sniper rifle, amonst others.

The multiplayer beta starts soon.



  1. ._. I have Gears 1 and 2. Haven’t played them yet >_< I better get to it.

  2. Rage VS GOW3 then.

    • GOW?!?

      • Sorry, read that GOD of war. Damn acronyms.

      • Gears of War….

      • they are both the same abbreviation GOW Gears of War and GOW God of War…and now there are 3 of each…

        I think people are going to have to start typing the full names for each…ooh crumbs

      • @ Mad Doctor 79:

        I’ve seen people using GoW and GeoW to differentiate the two.

  3. Isn’t that around the time Sony are launching Resistance 3? If it is I think that could be bad news for R3. Arguably the biggest and only juggernaut MS have got this year will sell like hot cakes and might erode R3 sales. Still, no xbox in my house so R3 for me.

    • Resistance 3 is releasing early September. I think it is about the 6th September or something.

    • How will it do that? GeoW is xbox exclusive and R3 PS3 exclusive. and only about 0.0000000001% of gamers have both consoles.

  4. Gears of Brown! Rage is a few days before this, looking much more forward to Rage. Saw a live gameplay demo at Gamescom and it looked amazing.

    But I guess GoW has a big following in the 360 scene.

  5. That was the super secret announcement? This is a ruse, surely? Microsoft must have something more interesting up their sleeve.

  6. I could never get into Gears of War. Just didn’t take to it.

    • It is pretty boring and dull tbh.

  7. wasn’t this supposed to release in April??

    • It got delayed a while back

  8. My little bros dusty old 360 will do the rounds with a rental copy. Will be good to see how the story ends :-)

  9. Little shocked to see Micro$oft’s main exclusive of the year coming out way before Christmas. Still, good news for me as I don’t have to pick between that and Uncharted3 now ;)

  10. Roll on 20th September lol, it is a long way but I still play Gears of War 2 online with my cousins, it’s brilliant.
    Looking forward to the 3rd Gears

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