LA Noire Boxart Revealed

Rockstar Games have this evening released the lovely artwork you’ll be seeing adorning boxes of LA Noire on its release in a couple of months – assuming no more delays, of course.


The game sees you in the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps as he investigates the seedy underworld of 1947 Los Angeles, moving through vice, traffic, and homicide, as illustrated by the decidedly dead-looking chap in the top-right corner of the box.

LA Noire releases May 20th on PS3 and 360 in Europe, and the 17th in the US.

Source: Rockstar blog.



  1. Looks like a straight to DVD movie.

  2. Isn’t the release date in may?

    • Indeed it is. No idea where the March date came from.

  3. Wow, that’s really cool :) It really does look like a superdramatic DVD cover :O

  4. Not very stylish… Don’t really like it much to be honest.

  5. Very snazzy. Now where’s my wallet………

  6. Out in March?!!

  7. Sorry everyone, I guess Josh got his “months beginning with M” mixed up.
    May 17th in North America, 20th in Europe.
    I’ve edited the original article to reflect this.

    • Aw man, I guess I’d convinced myself it should be out already ;)

      Sorry all!

  8. Balls! Oh well!

    The article still says ‘on its release next month’ btw.

  9. I quite like it. I think it fits with the era well.

    • same feeling as you looks right.

  10. Its brilliant this looks similar to the album art of Felipe Machado Franco, I really like it great boxart

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