Beyond Good & Evil HD ‘I’m A Traitor’ Trailer

The latest trailer for Beyond Good & Evil HD has surfaced, bringing back fond memories and the desire to play through the whole darn thing from start to finish (again). The game sees you take control of Jade, a journalist who also has a penchant for kicking ass. Working with her allies, she sets out to uncover an alien conspiracy.

The game will be hitting Xbox LIVE on March 2nd, with a PS3 release following sometime after.


Source: Gamespot



  1. Missed it the first time round, will be making a purchase when this lands on the PSN

  2. Looking really special. Can’t wait.

  3. I totally missed this the first time, but it’s getting crazy-hyped by you guys. Maybe I will have to have a look-see when it get’s released.

  4. Everyone must get this as rumor says they are using this to gauge whether a sequel will be successful. Its an awesome game. Think Zelda in a sci-fi setting.

  5. I loved this when it originally came out and i’m looking forward to playing it again :)

  6. Is this a timed exclusive for xbox then? I find that really annoying. Oh well, when it does eventually get to ps3 I’ll think about picking it up.

  7. I really enjoyed playing through the original game, it’ll be great to play it through again with HD graphics.

    Must have for any gamer!!!

  8. you know the original game had a progressive screen mode, probably not quite as nice as the hd you’ll get in this version, but if you’ve got a ps2 with a component cable hooked up to a hdtv, it does look pretty good.

    played ok on my launch ps3 too, though the water did go all funny in some bits. :)

    i have to get round to finishing it one day.

  9. Enjoyed the first if only for the green lipstick

  10. This was the 1st game I really got into. Loved it.

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