Gears of War 3 Beta Detailed

It seems like it has been ages since the Gears of War 3 beta was revealed and we’ve been pretty much starved of information since it was announced. Thanks to the recent ‘pre-GDC’ Microsoft conference we now finally now when it’s coming and what it will entail. The beta will be launching in mid-April and will include 3 different multiplayer game modes spanning across four different maps. Not only that, but you can head over to the official Gears of War Facebook page and vote on which maps you want to see. Not too shabby and when compared to the most recent beta I played (Killzone 3), their offering looks extremely generous.


You can get in to the beta by purchasing the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm but Microsoft has said that there are other unannounced ways to put your name on the list. As soon as they tell us what they are, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. Who doesn’t like Extra crispy ? :) (btw I only own a PS3 …)

  2. Don’t know why this is still an exclusive. Surely they’ll sell more if they go multi plat.

    • The same could be said for any exclusive. I bet Killzone 3 would at least double its sales if it went to the Xbox 360 as well.

      *waits for the masses to come in and tell me that there’s no way in a million years the Xbox could so much as fathom powering a single pixel from Killzone 3*

      • Well maybe so, but would it be possible to have the same performance on the XBOX? Would a Blu Ray monster, fit on a HD DVD? It’s not a matter of “powering a single pixle”.

      • iAvernus, the 360 doesn’t use the HD DVD format for games, so it’s just good ol’ DVD.

        the game could be done on the 360…but think how big that box would have to be to take 9 disks (or 5 disks if dual layered) if the 41.5GB size is true of course.

        plus I think, Gears is owned by Microsoft, so unless they miraculously change their business strategy, I doubt it will ever appear on the PS3…though stranger things have happened…;)

        but then it was a game that was hyped up a little too much, never really loved it, didn’t hate it…it was just…Meh

    • Gears is exclusively published by microsoft, that’s why it’s a 360 only.

  3. I hear Gears is coming to NGP….

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