“Imagine A Game That Lasts 1000 Days”

“Imagine a game that lasts 1000 days” says the email I’ve just received from developer RedLynx. This is the premise for their upcoming iOS game, and although I’d love to tell you more I have no idea myself.

All we have been told is that the game will last 1000 days, with a new map and a new hero available each day. Players will be challenged to gather one thousand treasures on their journey.

Source: Press Release



  1. “Imagine a game that lasts 1000 days” – World Of Warcraft?

  2. Sounds like hell.

  3. Colour me interested. Wonder how it works. If you have to start from day one and play every consecutive day though that’ll suck ass.

  4. 1000 days? I’m bored already…

  5. What happens if you lose interest in 1 hour?

    • Then you’ll not much enjoy the remaining 999 days and 23 hours, now will you?

  6. I think i’d be bored before 1000 days ended.

    • Before you even know anything about the gameplay?

  7. Why would anybody support and iOS game for 1000days? MMO’s are the only games that really last 1000 days.. Been on and off with Dofus for maybe 2000 days?

  8. Sounds hellish

  9. over 3 year game for an iPhone? Dont see the point personally, what if i miss a day?

  10. I am hoping that this is a 1000 virtual days and not real time days.

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