Virtua Tennis 4 Dated

SEGA has confirmed that Virtua Tennis 4 will be hitting Europe on April 29th. Our friends across the pond will be getting it on May 10th. Being one of the first titles to support Move, Kinect, and WiiMotion Plus, it will be interesting to see how the different peripherals stack up.

I managed to get a hands-on with Virtua Tennis (Move version) at Gamescom last year and declared that it had the potential to be the best tennis game ever. Here’s hoping.

Source: Press Release



  1. Im so getting this, Always been a quality franchise, and its the sort of game i really wanna use the Move with.

    • If we can get a crew together here I’d be up for getting this…

  2. Anyone know if online play is confirmed? Surely its a must!

    • It does have online play but somewhat bizarrely, apparently Move capability isn’t available online at launch. I’m not 100% on that but it does seem a bit strange.

      • yeah seems a bit silly, i want to play the game with Move online and offline from day one :) as long as its patched in quickly, i can deal with that i suppose.

      • maybe it has something to do with the amount of data that would have to be sent out, assuming the game will map the racquet to the position of the move controller.

        god the chrome spell checker sucks, has the american version of most words and doesn’t recognise racquet, and recognise isn’t spelled with a zed. (>_<)

  3. Love Virtua Tennis but man, there was NO ONE playing that thing online in the last version…

    • surprised really, would have expected the game to be quite popular online.

  4. Liking the look of this and I really enjoy a tennis game but I’ll wait it out and see what Top Spin comes up with.

  5. Bet this is cracking with Move :-D

  6. Top Spin 4 tho…

  7. I wonder how long till it’s half price. Most games drop in a month.

  8. Wasn’t overly impressed with it at PlayStation Access but it was still a lot of fun. Got my eye on it.

  9. The Move will make this a dream. The only question is do I get Top Spin or Virtua Tennis? Or both?

    • Tough one. Both look very good, think both have Move support.

      I have always gone with Virtua Tennis myself so will likely continue to do so.

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