Gran Turismo 1.07 Now Live

They can’t all be whoppers, but Polyphony’s ongoing mission to deliver the best racing simulator continues, with the launch of its lucky number seven update. As you’ll see from the below, not much on offer, though trading does get a considerable tweak, with cars worth more than 1,000,000 Cr no longer valid trading items.


Update Notice (1.07)
Feb 24, 2011

A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5.
The main contents of the update are as follows:

[Major Changes and New Features]

Friend Rankings

In Drift Trials and Time Trials, you can now display leaderboards that shows only your friends. While it was difficult before to locate your friends in the general leaderboards, this now makes it easier to compare your lap times and points with them.

[Fixed Issues]

Performance points (PP), which is an index of a car’s overall performance, is now calculated regardless of your tire selection. You can now set performance point restrictions and tire restrictions separately when you race in a lounge.

Fixed the issue where the performance of electric cars increased/decreased after a certain amount of driving.
Downloaded replays from Seasonal Event Rankings can now be viewed properly.

[Other Changes]
Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (including gift car coupons) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent issues during the trading process. When lending and borrowing cars between friends, please use the car loan system.

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  1. Nothing really major, but nice to see the updates still appearing.

    • Version 1.06 is quite a major update. It’s actually a bit surprising they released 1.07 so soon after.

  2. I wish they would make more cars premium from an update- like the bugatti veyron.
    At least they are updating it though, all these little tweaks can make the game seem nicer than before. For example the drifting friends leaderboards ect will introduce competition to see who can get the highest score.
    But within the next week or so, I think il be bored of GT5. Ive done the majority of B-spec, most of A-spec, have the red bull x1 and have done all except the rally special events. What left is there to do…I wish they could somehow introduce more A-spec career because its not as lengthy as GT3 :( But that would push it from an update. DLC is needed IMO, more than just seasonal events because im not interested in credits / xp anymore. Cars should be won from these events, such as the ariel atom / ascari a10 / vauxhall monaro ect.

    • I totally get what you mean about the career. It gets really difficult to progress after about level thirty [A-Spec & B-Spec], unless you’re into doing endurance races.
      They’re probably working on DLC at the moment, to be honest. Though if not, they’d be already working on GT6, Kaz knows that this one was a bit of a disappointment & GT6 will be a highly developed version of GT6, I reckon.

      • “GT6 will be a highly developed version of GT6” – Are you trying to break the space/time continuum?!

      • From Kaz’s interviews, that seemed like what he was getting at a while back.

      • I will never try to be funny again, sorry.

  3. Just as a side note – as there was no warning about the 1 million trade limit – it has been lifted until 03/03/11 to allow people to get their cars back. After that I assume it will be permanent. The info is there when you load up GT5 under news.

    • That’s reasonable, people were caught out by that.

    • That’s good that they responded so quickly to that issue.

  4. I’m sorry to sound rude and inconciderate, but it went live yesterday. Atleast in norway, so while updating I was looking for this news-article… But then i found the changes in gt5 news. Still it’s a good update, I’m glad they improved the pp scores and better late then never. :-)

    • went live wed or thrs in eu, greeted with it when powered on, thanks to p+.

      • guess it must’ve been early fri am, days get mixed up since i was made redundant a few months back.

    • The article doesn’t state when it went live, just that it is now live. Lots of people weren’t aware of the update, hence the post on a Saturday.

      • wasnt disrespecting, its just the virgo in me, with some ocd thrown in for good measure.
        (a bad combo) always enjoy ur threads, this one was no different.

  5. I’m not too happy about the PP no longer including tyres. If a lobby has tyre restrictions as well as PP, ideally, to be competitive, you need the best tyre permitted for the car of your choice.

    • I tend to agree. It was kinda cool that you had to trade off power against tyre choice

  6. Nice to see they’re still updating the game so often. From what I hear it’s a very different experience to when I last played.

    Hopefully they’re taking everything on board and we’ll see an amazing GT6, eventually.

  7. Although the update was only 47Mb when it started to download it said the approx time remaining is……..67 minutes!

    • Lucky for me that my plus download already downloaded the patch for me.

      • I canceled it then re-started the game and it took less than 30 seconds.

        When did Plus download it for you? it didn’t for me. Maybe it might have on Saturday morning if I hadn’t already got it.

  8. This update has caused uproar on the GTPlanet forums. Some not very happy people.
    I just wish making money was easier, there’s having to race to make money and then there’s GT5’s grind, totally ruins it for me. Now decided to make Bob, make me the money. Might take 50x longer but least I don’t have to sit there for hours on end grinding.

  9. It’s a good idea to limit the car gifting option to a 1 million value, but to be honest it’s a little late in the day as people with less than level 30 XP are driving around in X2010’s of their own colour choice from their own garage.
    The lending of cars is a great idea though, as when the person borrowing changes his car then the borrowed car is immediately removed from their garage also the owner can still use the car whils’t it’s out on loan…pretty damn cool I think.

    • “can still use the car whils’t it’s out on loan”
      wasn’t aware of that, very cool indeed.

    • I set a couple of cars to online. Whilst set to online, I was unable to ‘change car’ to drive it. In fact, when viewing a car set to online in my garage, the ‘change car’ button was not even visible.

      • The cars that you set to online/share with friends are available for the owner to use. I probably should have mentioned that the cars that have been set to online are available for use online/lobby racing for the owner….sorry about that but I thought that people would realise this as the cars have been set to online use…as most people would not set the cars that they are currently using for the career to share with friends.

  10. How big is the download now for someone new to the game, gonna take ages just to load the game up.

    • if u mean initial install, put the kettle on m8, jar of coffee later & your good to go.

      • Yeah, compared to the install itself, the patches will be a drop in the ocean

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