First Serious Sam 3 Screen Released

Hey Duke, you might have a fight on your hands as Serious Sam is on his way back in ‘Serious Sam: BFE’. Don’t ask us what BFE stands for, as we have no idea. Placed firmly in the FPS genre, the Serious Sam games have always been about bad jokes, over the top characters, and huge weapons for when you just absolutely have to kill every damn thing in the room.

The official Facebook page has released the first screen of BFE, which doesn’t give that much away bar the Arabic sign. Could Sam be heading back to a realistic setting?


Source: Facebook



  1. putting a nice, comical, big robot, spin on everything middle eastern FPS

  2. Finally a good FPS thats worth waiting for!

  3. Byatches for everyone?

  4. “Its all good fun, til somebody loses an eye!!”, Sam :) Loved the first 2 :)

  5. Amazing! Love the SS games, they’re just pure fun.

  6. I loved Serious Sam.

    Even when you quit the game, it asked you: ‘Are you serious?’ :’)

  7. A DOOM Cyberdemon in the streets of Call of Duty!

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