GTA V CV Listing Was A “Typo”

Over the weekend rumours were flying around that a single line on a CV, found online, had ‘confirmed‘ the prescence of Grand Theft Auto V.

The listing, which placed actor Declan Mulvey as being responsible for motion capture in the still unannounced game, was found in and around other stablemates including Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire, so it certainly seemed reasonable enough.


However, Mr Mulvey has since stated that the listing was a typographical error, with the listing since changed to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Someone should tell the IMDB, then, as there’s no listing for Grand Theft Auto IV for that fellow on the world’s biggest movie database.  Is that the sound of the plot thickening we can hear?

Possibly, as during the same period five new domain registrations popped up from Take-Two:

One can only hope that they’re GTA-related…



  1. Looking into my crystal-ball, I can safely say that GTA V will be announced sometime during E3 this year, with a fall 2012 release date. Sweet…

    • No I think it will release in april-May like GTA 4(2008),Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned(2009) Red Dead Redemption(2010 and now La Noire(2011).

      • that would be great!

      • You’re onto something there… And I don’t really have a crystal-ball.

  2. they do sound like the sites they set up to go along with the radio station ads and stuff in IV

  3. I hope it won’t be in New York again, would be great to be places all over the world, Tokyo, Miami, Scunthorpe?

  4. This would be brilliant. Fingers crossed.

  5. hope there is some truth in this.

  6. There is a new Clucking bell website too.

    • love it.

      • Hmmmm. maybe the gta intranet is connected by the real net instead?! this time round

    • Damn you!…. I want to play San Andreas now haha.. classic

  7. I bet we’ll hear something GTA related at E3.

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