New Silent Hill: Downpour Screens Released

Some new screens for Silent Hill: Downpour have been released, and in a refreshing change they show bright meadows, picnics, and a family of Deer grazing by the waterside. Nah, just kidding – they are dark as hell. The game follows escaped convict Murphy Pendleton, who finds himself in Silent Hill after his transport bus crashed.

Check out the screens below.

Source: Scrawl FX



  1. Textures look crisp as all hell, but I guess the images are processed like crazy – still, feels like all hope is not lost for this one, albeit as a generic survival horror game rather than a Silent Hill title.

  2. “Nah just kidding. They look dark as hell” lol.

  3. Never played a Silent Hill, they never appealed to me, this one still does not

  4. What’s he doing in the third screenshot, getting a coffee?

  5. The texture look really good, but other that it looks like you generic survival horror. Why can’t Silent Hill go back to being amazing and less mediocre?

    • …and you know this by looking at screenshots?

  6. Each and every image with absolutely zero engagement whatsoever. Talk about giving nothing away! Okay, we’ve worked out he likes hot beverages but come on!!!

  7. Looks very impressive, I’m hopeful this one brings back what made the first ones so good.
    It’s been such a shame to see a once brilliant series spiral into disarray.

  8. Looks very atmospheric which is what the last main installment lacked in spades. Too much generic crap was pumped into it to make it mainstream and successful hopefully this one will be a return to the roots. Although climax are doing well so far with origins and SM.

  9. With the last trailer, I wondered something: maybe the subtitle should be Midly Mysterious Murphy, or Murphy in the Moisture… Murphy is Mysterious, Murphy by Madness.

  10. The only Silent Hill game i played was the very first one, which i loved, but somehow lost touch on the series. From the trailer of this Silent Hill i think i might dip my toes in its puddle! Ha! such a bad joke!

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