Steam Coming to TV

Steam, the PC content delivery and social client, have just issued a press release. It seems they’re keen to point out that they’ve expanded the number of devices their service is available on. Just this past year they rolled out Mac support and within a couple of months they’re releasing Portal 2 which has elements of PS3 support via Steamworks.


Now, it seems, Valve are ready to get you playing your Steam-downloaded games on your TV. Obviously there still needs to be a platform to run the games so you will still need a PC to plug in to your TV but the new “Big Screen Mode” and more widespread controller support is designed to make playing on a large display easier than ever.

More details on the features will be shared this week at GDC with Valve’s developer partners.



  1. Maybe we could get Steam on PS3 so we could have two stores and could get Sony to lower their prices on the store. Just a thought that would never happen. I just made myself sad. :(. I like cheese.


      Yeah, a unified store would be beyond awesome but that price fixing makes Sony plenty of cash so I imagine they’d be reluctant to give it up :)

      • The PlayStation Store SHOULD be like Steam on PS3. Sadly, it’s not.

  2. I have both my PCs hooked up to my 40″ HDTV and never had any problems so far…

    • I think this will just mean a more controller friendly version of steam with bigger writing and icons… Which effectively makes Steam more of a gaming console which takes place inside of a gaming platform, hmm… :O

  3. Will Steam include sixaxis support in their program as a result of this? That would be nice. Trackmania on a big telly through a laptop with bluetooth, woop woop.

    • If the game supports controllers and you installed the right drivers it reslly shouldn’t matter if you got the game from Steam or not.

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