Black Ops Update Live on XBL

Xbox 360 Black Ops players may have already noticed, but in case you’ve taken a short respite from sniping fools for a few days, an update to Call of Duty: Black Ops is now live. Referred to as “Title Update 7,” the list of changes are as follows:


Issues Addressed:

  • Matchmaking improvements to return higher quality results faster. This change includes settings that are tunable in the live environment, so tweaking may continue beyond initial release of this update.
  • The in-game store now hides DLC map packs that do not match the language of the player’s disc to decrease the possibility of users downloading the incorrect language version.
  • Calling in a Chopper Gunner immediately after getting shot down in a Gunship will no longer end the Chopper Gunner run prematurely. Required timing-specific button presses.
  • Split screen players are now able to change camera perspectives and cycle through players as a spectator.
  • Addressed an issue where the most recent match played in Zombies could overwrite the best match played on the leaderboard.
  • Improved Zombies lobbies to prevent players from erroneously receiving the error “Unable to join game session” under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed a number of community-discovered Zombies gameplay exploits.
  • Additional security feature updates.

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Additional sniper rifle tuning.

The PS3 will receive the same update this week alongside the First Strike DLC.

Source: Call of Duty forums



  1. ohh wonder what these were “Addressed a number of community-discovered Zombies gameplay exploits.” hadn’t heard of any?

    • There were ways to become invincible on both maps, one by jumping on top of another player in Kino, and one where you could get on top of the table in the conference room in Five. Both slightly pointless as you would run out of ammo in the later levels anyway, but a pain when you were playing online and half your team would sit in a corner doing f-all.

      • That would explain some of the weird jumping into the corner in Kino that some randoms kept doing!

        Don’t you get one in the chamber if you completely run out of ammo?

    • Those glitches are already fixed as far as i know.
      I think treyarch is mainly aiming towards the Ascension glitch which could get you outside of the map by using the lander.

  2. Made a real mistake trading this in a couple of weeks ago and putting it towards a load of games I missed from last year, gonna trade them back in and get this again.

    It’s the only multiplayer FPS I can enjoy and I miss it.

    • Heh, ‘seller’s remorse’. I’ve been there many times my friend.

      • Lol nice phrase. I know the feeling well. It happened to me with KZ2 and Borderlands.

    • Whaaattt!!!! Blasphemy…

      • I was being sarcastic about missing it.

    • Really? I find it to be the most aggravating shooter online.

      • Ditto. Battlefield series is superior (in terms of gmultiplayer gameplay variety and fun of course, not sales unfortunately) especially BF:BC2.

      • You can see how annoying Blops can be with that video shown on here not too long ago comparing the Theatre mode to actual gameplay.

  3. Just got MW2 on eBay the other day. Is the multiplayer still ruined?

    • hack/security patch (fuel, rock glitch), went to sony for classification process last tue.
      r.bowling said can take up to a month, but normally 1-2 wks. Expecting it b4 end of next wk.

      I’d stay clear untill then, or run the risk of 100% rank/title/emblem unlocks & stats messed up & to play without the mods spoiling ur experience of naturally.

      • Thanks mate, I’ll blitz single player until the end of the month just to be sure!

      • edit *classification thats *certification rather lmao

  4. When does the PS3 normal version get the original zombie maps?

    • No idea, as far as I’m aware, from my secret source, Black Ops will have 2 Map Packs (First Strike being the first) then the Classic Zombie Map Pack which Hardened and Prestige Edition owners could download.

      I’m sorry though the 3rd of March? We update tomorrow on the second though :/

    • Its had them since launch, you get them with the hardened and prestige editions.

  5. I was hoping to find out the same TURRICAN-808, we haven’t heard from Treyarch if these are going to become available at some point, you would think they would release them right ? Here’s hoping cause those four maps were awesome

    • I think it was a 6 month exclusivity for Hardened and Prestige Black Ops Edition owners. Just release it on March 3rd if you ask me though….
      Could TSA look into news of the original zombies maps for PS3 COD:BO….? it would be appreciated

  6. – no hitmarker detection fix, even if you love bops, you have to acknowledge this major mechanic flaw.
    – wish they would make player cam smoother, incredibly jerky.
    (need to bring graphics/mechanics upto this gen standards next cod they make)

  7. I honestly like playing BO. There are issues, but the biggest issue for me is Second Chance! I’m soooo tired of shooting someone and while they’re going down into second chance they kill me (in mid air) by still shooting their primary gun, or by knifing me. Fix that sh*t Treyarch!

  8. I think I might be ‘done’ with Blops. I really enjoyed it, especially multiplayer with my friends, but Homefront is due out in a few weeks and I have really been looking forward to giving that a try. For now, Blops will stay in my collection, but something tells me I will probably be trading it in on a future purchase… perhaps for LA Noire in May. There are just too many excellent games this year to keep playing Blops… time for me to move on. :)

  9. Black ops and all the other cod titles on ps3 I’m trading in as I’m sick of hackers spoiling games.

  10. No fix for offline split screen issues?! figures

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