inFamous 2 Getting User Generated Levels

Sucker Punch, the developer behind the inFamous series, started teasing big news yesterday and they’ve now blown the lid off the surprise… and what an explosion it was.

When inFamous 2 ships this June, it will do so with a built in ‘level creator’ that anyone can use. With this tool, you can create many different kinds of missions (defense, platform, escort, etc.) and fine tune them to however you see fit. You can even place your own objects and enemy spawn locations wherever you deem necessary to craft a level that is completely your own. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to share them with others via the PlayStation Network.


Sucker Punch will even be watching for the highest rated levels so they can be displayed more prominently to a larger audience.

Exciting news, right? Brace yourself, there’s more. There’s going to be a beta dedicated to this new mode that will launch some time in April. Sucker Punch is calling it a public beta but it sounds like you’re still going to have sign up for it. They’ve promised to release more information on March 14. Until then, check out the trailer below to get a better idea of what to expect.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. holy **** im sorry but they actually surprised! theyve gone ABOVE AND BEYOND!!

  2. This makes me very Happy! Sony’s first party studios again are proving just how awesome they are.

  3. Not the biggest fan of the series but that is a very nice concept for a game like this.

  4. Seeing as the game is a single player campaign with a decent level of immersion, I’m not quite sure if this gels as a concept.

    • Well it definite adds replayability. Once you’re finished with it there will be loads of extra levels to play. they lied though, they said it was not infamous2 related.

      • Ah, I think the previous article said it wasn’t Infamous 3 (not 2) related.

        I for one can’t wait to play this and try out the user generated levels, I doubt I’ll create my own though!

      • Who are “they”? Us? The article said it wasn’t inFamous 3, it might be Sly 4 related. I checked in with my source and s/he confirmed it was something I’ve known about for awhile.

        Unless you’re saying they = Sucker Punch, though I’m not surewhere they said it wasn’t inFamous 2 related.

      • Sorry I should have been clearer. Sucker punch said in the comments on their Facebook page that it wasn’t infamous2 related in response to the speculative comments under their status when they announced the announcement yesterday.

      • Hm, should have revised that, my sentence was ridiculously long!

      • Aye … deflection.

  5. *scratches another thing off my list I can now safely talk about without the fear of being murdered*

    • Damm! just you wait Kovacs, one of these days i shall murder you.*laughs evily*:P lol

      • I’ll take my Sony secrets to the grave!


  6. This kind of thing always happens on PS3 exclusives. Xbox owners must get pretty jealous.

  7. I guess it could work in theory, but I’m not really sold on Little Big Infamous

    • Me neither, I’m pretty underwhelmed in all honesty. Oh well, I was already interested in the game and this news hasn’t changed my feelings on it.

  8. I only have two words for this.F*ck yeah.

    I hope they are joking about the 1000 missions bit as i would probably get bored by mission 999.This could lead to some intersting comps.:)

  9. oooooSH – sounds awesome :-D

  10. Wow, that’s pretty special. Also very a unexpected curveball.

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