PlayStation Plus Content for March and April

We’ll dispense with the formalities. You just want to know what’s now confirmed as soon to be racing down your internet connection if you’re a PlayStation Plus member in the coming months.


Here goes.


  • Sonic The Hedgehog – brand new and exclusive to Plus for one month
  • Astro Tripper
  • SOCOM: Special Forces Beta – for all Plus members is coming on the 23rd March so don’t miss the chance to play this great new, Move compatible game before anyone else.

PS One:

  • Guilty Gears


  • Pix ‘n Love Rush
  • Enigmo

Exclusive Discounts:

  • Fat Princess PS3 – 50% off
  • Fat Princess PSP – 50% off
  • Cool Borders 2 – 50% off
  • Stardrone PS3 – 50% Day 1 discount
  • Premier Manager – 50% off
  • PlayTV Live Chat – 25% off – valid until 6th July 2011

Dynamic themes:

  • Exclusive Sega Mega Drive Classics Theme
  • Exclusive InFAMOUS 2 Theme

Premium Avatars:

  • Eye Pet Avatars
  • Exclusive MotorStorm Apocalypse Avatars

And a preview of content for 6th April – 4th May. More will be added later.


  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – New to PSN and 2 weeks exclusive to Plus (includes trophy support)
  • Prince of Persia Classic

PS One:

  • Creature 3: Raised in Space


  • Dual Invaders
  • Dynogems

Dynamic themes:

  • Exclusive Abstract Art Theme
  • Exclusive Growing Garden Theme

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog.



  1. Also Sonic 2 will be coming next month…. if they are ports or HD remakes i dont know though :(

    • oops sonic 2 was hidden below… just ignore me :)

      • LOL! Hidden in plain sight, yes?

      • i kinda read it, although i read it on the blog i should of known….

        its a long and busy day at work… gimme a break :)

    • They’re ports. If they were HD remakes, the world would have imploded because of its potential awesomeness.

      • You can get Sonic 1, 2 & 3 in HD on the Ultimate SEGA Megadrive Collection for PS3…

      • boooo….. ports is evil :(

        will be cheaper to buy the mega drive collection i think lol

      • I’m hugely confused now, I thought it was the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog circa approx 2007.

  2. Glad I didn’t buy Sonic, really pleased with what’s there.

    • I don’t think it’s Sonic 4, I think it’s the original 2 games.

      • I know, I nearly bough this version though.

    • Sonic 4 is not brand new…

  3. Any news on the Playstation Move Heroes demo the US got.

    • Go download it off the American store?

      • Can’t, it’s for US PS+ subscribers, I tried it last night, and it obviously recognise my EU + subscription…

  4. Two Sonic games in a row isn’t great. But then I guess we are getting one other PSN title too so can’t complain. I will certainly be renewing my Plus subscription this year. It has been WELL worth it!

    • same here great service that will grow to be a real should have soon imo.

    • Same here loving PS+

  5. Sonic is good ‘n’ all but I had already played them on almost every to death!! ….

  6. Don’t know why they’ve called Sonic 4, Sonic The Hedgehog, made me wonder if it was a Megadrive port of the original Sonic The Hedgehog, or a digital version of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) which was utter shit. Made all the more confusing by the addition of Sonic2 from the original trilogy the following month.

    Turns out its actually Sonic 4, which fans would have bought either on release or certainly when it was half price in the recent sale :|

    Strengthens my POV about most of the included content being worthless unless you never buy anything & are willing to run the risk of missing out. For me PS+ is now about the services, I’m going to buy my own content and probably not re-subscribe unless they offer a ‘services’ version of PS+.

    • I think it is the original Sonic or 2006 version as its exclusive. Why would Sonic 4 be exclusive? It’s already out.

      • and they have only just announced episode 2 of sonic 4 also…..

    • It should actually be the original Sonic game for the Genesis/Megadrive and not Sonic 4. SEGA is finally releasing the classics on the PSN.

      Unless it’s different in Europe for some reason…

    • I am glad this is Sonic 4, I played the demo and although it was good I was never going to pay full price for it, the price reduction got me tempted for a while, then other stuff came up.

      This is just great for tightwads like me. I tend not to buy PSN titles so much now as I rely on my Plus to get them in the end. I don’t usually see much on the PSN that can’t wait a while. I had too many impulse buys before that I never look at now.

    • Yep, should be the original sonic game from the Mega Drive, with trophy support. Not Sonic 4, or the crap one that came out in 2006 on disc.
      Think theyre saying that the link is actually wrong on the EU blog, as it goes to the wrong game.

      • woo hoo…. made my day if it is the original

    • If you click on the link it takes you to Sonic 4.

      • And just read the post above mine! Ignore me!

      • The trophies are for the orginal sonic, so the question should be port or remake, it is not Sonic 4!!!!

    • Sonic 06 was good…. *cough *cough although it did feature some silly game design, I found it to be quite fun.

      Just sad how Sega rushed it for HD consoles as it would’ve been near the quality set by the Legendary Sonic Adventure 2.

    • you still get your moneys worth everything goes down in price at some point you should never buy anything then.

    • The guy on the psblog has confirmed a couple of times that it’s the original Sonic from the megadrive with trophy support not Sonic 4.

    • Im with you CC, they need to start adding some service to this. It shouldnt be all about the content. I love background downloading and find it extremely beneficial, I want more services that enhances my playstation. I already have too much to play.

  7. Poop, I was lured into buying Sonic in the Christmas sales. I have the feeling a lot of those bits may crop up. Oh well, got Stacking last month and looking forward to Sonic 2 next month, that’s one of my favourite games of all time!

  8. dont forget the prince of persia full game trial that they mentioned on the blog (for the 2008 game), and the reduction to the HD Classics trilogy of PoP (even if its still cheaper online) to £23.99. :)

  9. Also, really looking forward to the Sega Classics dynamic theme sadly! I loved the Sonic one but the sound effects were just too loud so hopefully I can get some Sonic and Streets of Rage love as my background instead.

    • You and me both brother. I rather liked the Sonic theme but the ring sound was too loud. i had to turn it off the next day

  10. Pretty pleased with this. I only subscribed about 2 weeks ago and will have had my monies worth pretty soon.

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