Double Fine Reveals ‘Trenched’

Double Fine has revealed its next game ‘Trenched’ at GDC. Being published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox LIVE, the game is described as “extremely, extremely manly” as you follow the  Mobile Trench Brigade and their war against the invading Monovision forces.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: VG247



  1. Seems to be somewhat lacking the kooky charm of their other games, but hopefully it will surprise. Also, what’s with the sudden exclusivity!

    • When they decided on going down the 4 little games route, they took them all round to various publishers and saw who wanted what. THQ published Stacking (I believe), whilst here Microsoft is publishing Trenched. That’s pretty much it!

  2. I still can’t hear the name Double Fine without hearing Rob Halford screaming it ala the Brutal Legend intro

  3. Damn it. Double Fine is right on my radar after Stacking which I love.


  4. wow, Double Fine have really been keeping busy. How long was it between Costume Quest and Stacking? And now this…nice to see they’re brimming with ideas :)

  5. if there was a list of games i expected double fine to make next, i doubt a mech game would have been on it.

    how will the trademark double fine humour come through in this game?

  6. Looks interesting. Shame it’s only on Xbox.

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