Trenched Coming To Europe As “Iron Brigade”

Microsoft have announced at Gamescom that Double Fine’s Trenched will finally be coming to European shores this September as “Iron Brigade”.

The name change is the result of an trademark held by the creators of the board game Trench, who are planning to develop a video game version. There’s no solid date for the game’s Euro debut; it launched in the States on XBLA back in June.

Microsoft’s “Play Day” event is currently going on over at Gamescom, and we’ll be covering all the big news from the event.

Source: press release.


  1. ooh, I missed this little snippet earlier.
    About time they got the wrinkles ironed out and released in Europe, I’ve heard pretty good things about this from folks across the Atlantic :)

  2. Oh hello there, interesting game! I like the neon visuals and the combat looks crazy at times. However, I’d love to see this on the likes of Steam for the PC.

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