Sony Releases Dual Format PhyreEngine

Sony have announced the latest version of PhyreEngine, now locked at version 3.0, which will support both PS3 and the upcoming NGP.

The game framework, which powers the likes of Grid, Journey, Flower and Demon’s Souls, adds a new asset pipeline and a rewritten level editor designed to allow a “more data-driven approach to authoring games “. There’s also a better API and more functionality for entities, scripting, physics and navigation, according to Gamasutra.


PhyreEngine works well with other middleware including Havok, PhysX and Scaleform, and is currently being demoed at GDC.

“We’re very happy to see the popularity of PhyreEngine with the global game developer community,” says SCEI’s Technology Platform SVP Teiji Yutak. “It has helped demonstrate our commitment to the game developer community and in particular enable smaller independent developers and publishers to flourish on PS3 and NGP.”

Source: Gamasutra.



  1. “enable smaller independent developers and publishers to flourish on PS3 and NGP.” <- Really hoping we see more Indie games on the PSP2, I reckon that will be the biggest selling factor, lots of small, addictive games like the iPhone Apps.

    • But surely that’s what the iphone is for? If people have an iphone, they’re not going to buy an NGP for that, because they already have that on their iphone or android. The ngp really needs to do AAA blockbusters that you can’t get on the iphone or android, that’s what will sell it.

      • Not everyone owns an iPhone.
        Anyway the more there is (games wise) for the NGP the more attractive it will be.

    • There are lots of great small and independent games already available as minis on PlayStation Network. Since they work on the PS3 and PSP already, I don’t think there would be any problems for it on the NGP. The PlayStation Suite platform expands on that I think.

  2. Its interesting that its the same kit running on PS3 and NGP. I hope this means indie games like flower will get a dual release.

  3. anyone else think a fire engine would of been an appropriate pic :P

    nice to see sony linking up consoles though,

  4. this is good news. I agree though, the NGP needs plenty of AAA titles plus good support from 3rd parties.

  5. I think it needs it’s own decent titles….not constant re-hashes of old games like with the current PSP. I own a PSP and the latest MGS game is amazing (I think it was the first game to receive 10/10 in a popular Japanese magazine), and so is Gran Turismo. However just as the PSP peaks it seems it’s dying fast. For example options on the PS Store are limited, I know everyone doesn’t own them but I have an iPhone and have played a lot of these re-released games on the PSone first time around so there isn’t anything new for me here. NGP needs to offer something different/better else it will lose out to iPhone and the already successful Nintendo hand-helds.

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