EA “Looking At Ideas” For Mirror’s Edge 2

Though not one of EA’s biggest-selling IPs, when it launched in 2008 Mirror’s Edge spawned an immediate fan-base who have been baying for more free-running action ever since. Despite walking arm-in-arm with Bad Company and Dead Space back in the day, both games going on to spawn successful sequels, the Mirror’s Edge franchise has only seen an expansion as an iOS title.


In a recent interview, Frank Gibeau, EA Games President has discussed the series’ future, and how certain difficulties have held them back from creating a sequel:

We just haven’t figured out the right way to bring it back yet. It was a franchise that reached an audience, but it didn’t reach a large audience, and from a quality standpoint it was good, not great. Working with DICE, we’re really trying to figure out a way of bringing Faith and the Mirror’s Edge property back, but we just really haven’t crafted the idea yet. We’re looking at it.

Some reassurance for fans, though it sounds as if EA are looking to mould the next potential Mirror’s Edge into something a little more mainstream, which could harm the foundations the game was built upon. Hopefully we will hear more on the game’s progress in the near future.

Source: IGN



  1. Please keep the attitude to guns the same – they’re not useful in the first. If they try to make it more mainstream, there’s bound to much gunslinging :/

    • Agreed.
      It’s rare that a game comes along that feels different to everything else.
      And it still is.
      Guns WERE an option in the first though, so a compromise could be to improve the shooting, but still leave it so others don’t have to fire a single shot?

      • There was even a trophy for not shooting a single person on a playthrough.

      • Exactly.
        I did love that trophy.

  2. I love Mirror’s Edge. I wish they would stop toying with my emotions and just say yes or no. I think they all need a bit more Faith HALOLGETOUT.

  3. Want.
    Any platform, Any idea, any graphics … it was such an explosive and fresh idea, It deserves expansion. As long as Faith and the core idea is involved, I’m behind it, every single step of the way.

  4. New publisher please? oh wait…..

  5. I didn’t remember why I bought it, but I definitey remembered playing it, I agree with gideon about the guns though. I got stuck in a warehouse/garage and couldn’t get up this shaft with lots of pipes.

    Does ME remind you of Portal by any chance?

  6. Maybe they should try and make it a more RPG game combined with the platforming, keeping the third person perspective. Hopefully they bring it back, and maybe hype it up a bit more. It’s a great game that deserved more sales.

    • third person??? ME was first person.

      • Same here.

      • I meant first person. Don’t know what I was thinking while I was writing this.

    • The first person view was one of ME’s original points. Take that away and you have just got another Tomb Raider, PoP, Uncharted or WET.

      • How abut the ability to switch between the two different view points then?

      • I don’t see why not if it could be done without compromising the graphical level of the game.

  7. I bet Frank Gibeau (EA Games President) hasn’t even played Mirror’s Edge and bases his “good, not great” opinion purely on the sales figures. Probably.

  8. I personally found it boring and repetitive, although the concept was great and the environments were a lovely change from the regular grey of all FPS’ this generation. Just a bit shallow, I thought.

    • This x10. Good Idea ruined by reality.

  9. She looks like Kate Moss. Only just realised.

  10. i just want a third person option so i can play the game without feeling sick.

    • I think that’s part of it all though – there’s no other first person game like it. Personally, I liked the first person style, with no HUD or anything, I think it worked well. Very clean, like the general aesthetics of the game.

      • there’s a reason why in all the years of gaming there have only been a few first person platform games.

        mirror’s edge got the closest to making it actually work, but you can still see the problems a first person view causes.

        like not being able to see where your feet are and where you’re going at the same time, getting a face full of wall when hanging on a ledge, and being totally disoriented when you have to do those wall jumps in different directions.

        shooting in this game is almost non existent, and when you do get a gun you wont have it for long, so the kind of precision you only get from a first person view isn’t really necessary.

        personally i think mirror’s edge could have still stood out as a pretty unique, and also pretty damn good, title, if they, at the very least, gave a third person option.

        if the game was terrible i wouldn’t care much, but it was a good game.

      • Third person wouldn’t have been unique.
        It would have been Prince of Persia in a modern setting.
        The reason for first person wasn’t for shooting accuracy, but to suck you into the game.
        Seeing ‘your’ arms swinging whilst you ran pulled you into the game more.

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