SOCOM ‘Bomb Squad’ & Beta Details

Over on the EU PlayStation Blog they have revealed the final of the four multiplayer modes in SOCOM: Special Forces and it’s called ‘Bomb Squad’. The whole point of Bomb Squad is to defuse a number of bombs that have been planted by those pesky insurgents:

“What makes Bomb Squad special is that it features the unique Bomb Technician character, played by one member of the Spec Ops team, who is charged with defusing the explosives. He carries both an automatic shotgun and a mobile grenade launcher and is very heavily armoured, making him a deadly force on his own; that said, the technician is still an open target any time he turns his back to defuse Insurgent bombs. Succeeding in Bomb Squad requires tactics, teamwork, patience and confidence to get the job done.”

This mode, along with Suppression, Last Defence, and Uplink will be available to try out in the upcoming beta, which starts for PS Plus users on March 23rd and everyone else on April 6th. The beta will also support Move and 3D.


Check out the trailer of Bomb Squad below.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Brilliant, completely brilliant.

  2. Looking forward to getting my Sharp Shooter for SOCOM.

  3. Roll on March 23rd :)

  4. I still don’t no whether or not to get the sharp shooter because i hate the clutter of wires and crap

    • It’s the price that gets me. I saw it in Game for the same price as Killzone 3 Special Edition!
      Come on!

      • I know right, the price has shot up for some reason (no pun intended), it’s £55 on amazon, bonkers.

  5. Gettin PS Plus on March 22nd….Can’t wait!!!

  6. What a great idea for a game mode. Pretty excited about Socom.

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