3DS Pre-orders Near 100,000

MCV are reporting that pre-orders for Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS, are nearing the 100,000 mark. With three weeks still to go before launch, this figure is expected to rise, and apparently it is already the most successful launch of any console yet in the UK, beating the Wii.

UK head of sales, Andy Yates, had the following to say:


“Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders – and we’re in line with that. So far, we’ve already beat our personal best for a console launch.

With three weeks to go we’re in a great position, as pre-orders are still building. The message to retail right now is that availability is strong and stores can plan with confidence to keep the accelerator on.

The retailers I’m talking to are very comfortable with our strategy and it has given them confidence. Retailers tell us that things are good, and they’re pretty relieved to have a big launch in March; they need something of that magnitude. We’re very encouraged that it’s going to be a big launch.”

Stay tuned to TSA as at 9am we have a very detailed hands-on with the final UK retail 3DS.



  1. So they EXPECTED to do the most successful console launch in the UK, crazy :)

    Mine is already preordred :P

  2. lol the amount of fake pre-orders our store have put through is crazy. so much pressure to get pre-orders 1 member of staff has 6 herself.

    • That’s interesting…tell me.more!

      • Interesting, yes do speak up and tell us more…..

      • Yeah spill the beans

    • I sit with intent on learning what you have to say!

  3. Would have to agree with rossthebassist, similar story at the store i work for. The retailer has made a big commitment to Nintendo and now has to back it up with a shed load of pre-orders.
    Only people who are really interested and have placed real pre-orders are die hard Nintendo fans.
    Most people are not interested because they already brought a DS at Christmas or are saving to go on holiday.

  4. I wasn’t interested in a 3DS at all TBH. Ever since it was first announced my thoughts were “meh, 3D is cool and all but it’s just another DS at the end of the day”.

    Then, recently I played the 3DS at an event… needless to say, I walked straight into GAME and pre-ordered one for myself!
    The 3DS is definitely the most impressive piece of tech I’ve seen in many years, which is very surprising for something from Nintendo. :P

    I have to say, this relatively large amount of pre-orders is very deserving for such a highly-anticipated console!
    I’m sure everyone will be more than satisfied when they get their grubby mitts on one come March 25th. ;)

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