Microsoft Ramping Up For Next Xbox

It’s hardly surprising, that one of the big three would have an eye on the future in terms of what we’ll be playing on by means of new hardware sometime over the coming years. What is interesting to note, however, if a recent ad over at Linked-In can suggest anything, is that Microsoft appear to be in no rush to introduce its “Next-Box.” Not if they’re only looking for key members of staff now, that is.


Two positions are advertised, the first a Graphics Hardware Architect (found on the Beyond 3D Forum), while a Senior Architect and Performance Engineer for the Xbox Console Architecture Group is also sought.

For the latter job, “familiarity with CPU core and/or GPU core architectures” is essential. You must also be a team player and like Mr. Gates’ glasses. If you’re a graphics nut and are intrigued by the first role, due note: “The successful candidate is expected to have a working knowledge of how state-of-the-art PC and/or console OS, driver and application code is designed and how it interacts with graphics HW/firmware.”

Rules us out, then.

What say you? Too soon? When do you want a new Xbox console? 2014? 2016? Now?

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  1. Quite happy with this generation to stick around for a few years yet. The costs of developing on this generation is still high, bringing out new hardware now would likely reduce AAA releases and stop small studios from being able to jump aboard due to spiralling costs.

    I also don’t think technology has moved that far forward to warrant new consoles. 1080P 60FPS x8 AA is all good but its not going to blow you away.

    In the past PC development has helped drive the industry forward into the next gen consoles. I don’t think that is going to be a factor now, as PC is no longer mainstream lead platform.

    I wonder if the next generation of consoles are going to be a disappointment from a technology standpoint.

    Just give me more Demon’s Souls, and I’ll be happy.

    • 1080p 60fps 8x AA is a long way above what 99% of games are capable of this gen where 720p 30fps with 2x AA being a stretch at times with many games being sub-hd framerate often dropping below even half speed & AA often being done away with altogether in favour of a post-processing blur effect.

    • 1080p 60fps sure as hell WILL blow people away playing on consoles, whether you’re a hardcore or a casual gamer. If you’re platform if preference is not the PC, you have to experience that type of performance to appreciate the difference. A lot of people say 60fps is not a big deal. Pure bulldoodoo.

    • A warm welcome to the fold Huddy (don’t mind cc, he’ an old fuddy duddy)..and no,i’m not a rapper ;-)
      An intelligent post my man…er, or woman, animal, vegetable, mineral (i think ive got my arse covered there) :P

      • I don’t see the need to rush it out anytime soon, the current market simply does not need one. Also, as a gamer (PS3!) there is no way the current consoles have been utilized to their full potential. Still a lot more to come.

        P.S. Just got Demon’s Souls so it will be placed into my console for the first time tonight! I’m hoping its a good one.

      • nicely said MC seedaripper1973 :P

      • Lulz @ Trivium44, dont make me hit your jaw to the floor, as rhyming isn’t summat i abhore, but simply summat i totally adore…er…more?

  2. They can take as long as they like as long as it works at launch.

  3. Too soon, other than maybe a ‘Every game supporting a decent 3D frame rate’ I can’t really imagine a great power & visual upgrade ‘leap’ like the PS1 to the PS2 at the moment.

    I also imagine that in a few years cloud gaming will be the main focus once bandwidth speeds increase even more.

  4. publishers & devs don’t want a new system yet & I’m sure gamers in general don’t, but if a new machine was to be launched before most people expect it wouldn’t matter as long as it had near-full backward compatibility.

    If it came the same architecture based very closely on PCs devs may not even mind because costs would barely rise from the PC release.

    An Xbox 3 (obviously with a Kinect system as standard) along with more cores on the CPU, more cores on the GPU, more RAM would be good and if they do release a console in this manner it surprisingly may not be too soon at all.

    • You’re dead right about the backwards compatibility. So long as MS kept the same architecture and game devs didn’t have to do much (or anything) to have their existing titles work I could see a hardware boost being a massive seller.

      I think both Sony and MS need to do this to be really popular next gen, but with MS making the Xbox 360 more like a standard PC, they are probably better situated to pull backwards compatibility off than Sony.

      MS would also be mad not to be thinking about 3D at this stage.

  5. “The successful candidate is expected to have a working knowledge of how state-of-the-art PC and/or console OS”

    Why? It’s not something that Microsoft have ever bothered with before.

    Oh yes I did!

  6. Well, my bank account isn’t bothered, because it knows it can’t afford it any time soon.


  7. Massive loss of respect for Micorsoft.

    • Why?

      • How dare they look to the future and plan ahead. DrNate, you should be ashamed of yourself!

      • No wait, its alright I misread. He lost respect for Micorsoft, not MS. I believe they make latex gloves. Perhaps they released a bad batch.

  8. Sounds like the perfect role for a certain Mr GeoHot if you ask me.

  9. I don’t mind either way.

    I feel that there’s plenty still to be had from the current generation, but on the flip-side I’m also getting annoyed with 5-6 year old tech hamstringing graphics and power development, as I’m all for pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible and dislike any technological endeavour being held back because of profitability.

  10. NGP 3DS and now new xbox ? omg…god help our pockets. I enjoy gaming like nothing else but that is getting out of hand. I was planning on getting new TV and speakers next year. Guess i ll have to think again.
    Btw, that is wrong from microsoft. You don’t release a product and in a very short time you release another new again. This is the only reason i hate apple.

    • At least Apple “supports” (sort of) their old products as well.

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