Activision Not Done With The “Hero” Brand: Enter Dance Hero

It’s been a while, Dance Hero. And by a while, I mean three years, with the initial trademark registration for the dance-em-up dating as far back as 2008, but now it’s back with a fresh set of rumours, courtesy of Kotaku.

“Activision seems intent to carry on and release at least one new musical game,” says the site, “as Kotaku has learned that work is finally underway on a new franchise, called, yes, Dance Hero.”

[drop]They even reckon they know some of the tracks – Jay Sean’s 2012, Prodigy’s Out of Space, Timbaland’s The Way I are and Afrojack’s Take Over Control.  Dancy.

The odd thing about this?  Activision won’t (surely) be able to flog another plastic controller – Kinect is obviously all set up for dancing games, and there’s at least some elements of the Wii and Move that could be used, even if it’s just for arm movements.

Of course, this all flies in the face of the recent stories regarding the other Hero titles…

We’ll wait and see what happens.



  1. Good God no, leave the dance scene to Harmonix please.

  2. Whilst the instrument based rhythm games have declined the dance phenomenon has rocketed.

    With Just Dance being the number one selling game last year & it taking the combined platforms BlOps sales to beat it, its an obvious move for Acti… however I wonder if they’ve missed the boat?
    People won’t be swayed from the Just Dance brand on the Wii & Dance Central & Singstar Dance have their own markets.

    Also, looking what Activision did with Band Hero with an emphasis on US only acts they may struggle even further.

    It is the growing genre in the social gaming sector though

    • Prodigy are UK though, assuming the list is based on more than just guesswork.

    • Sure the dance scene is hot now but so were rhythm games until Activision milked the genre then tossed it aside. With them now entering the dance genre it’s days are numbered as well.

    • Rhythm games sure aren’t moving the crazy numbers they did back in the hey day, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a steady audience willing to consume. I originally bought Guitar Hero World Tour, but when I eventually got my hands on Rock Band 1/2 I quickly realised that Harmonix had a model that was years ahead of Guitar Hero.

      I ditched all my GH gear and switch exclusively to Rock Band and to this day I’m glad I did. Rock Band 3 is an amazing release and testament to how they can keep innovating within the genre. Rock Band 3 appeals to everyone from the rank amateur through to the lick shredding guru – particularly Pro Drum and Pro Guitar modes – amazing stuff.

      Dance games on the other hand, I see as having limited scope no matter how many they release, no matter how fancy the graphics or how good the body tracking. It’s a cash cow right now, for sure, but imho it’s a fast burning star. In due time it will go back to being the consume of the niche asian market from whence it arose, and given they (the asian market) loves to pirate, when the western world grows tired of Dance games they will fade back into obscurity.

  3. I prefer Metal towards dance…..

  4. I want “Hardcore Hero”….. 2 footpads to measure your stamina and stomping ability. Would also get you fitter in an hour than a lifetime of Wii Fit.

    • ‘Moshpit Hero’ – Comes with footpads to assess your stomping ability & a bodycage to assess your windmills & overall body contact! :)
      Basically like a good workout in the gym on treadmills, punchbags & weights!

  5. Just bought DJ Hero (the first one) recently, not played it that much as I am trying to play various other games too (like PJ Shooter part 2, Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2, etc), heard the sequel is even better so I’m excited to get on with the first one, then pick up DJ Hero 2 sometime soon (though it seems to have gone up in price recently).

    • Not sure who told you the sequel was better (might have been me, might not!), but it is!
      I have just had a look & shopto are still doing a good price at the mo, so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about when you do get around to picking it up! :)

  6. Give me Air Guitar and Headbang Hero.

  7. Ax Cx Hero?

  8. I think they might be a little late to the market.

  9. Any Milk left in ‘hero’ ?

  10. A new dance mat game could be nice as well as relatively affordable.
    I couldn’t care less about holding a move or the PS Eye/ Kinect tracking me.
    Plus that’s an experience easily replicated across multiple platforms.

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