Explodemon Demo Lands Today

Curve have just been in touch to let us know that there’s going to be a demo of Explodemon on the PSN Store for American users tonight, with (we can confirm) one for European gamers tomorrow.

The press release contains a few snippets from some of the best reviews, but if you want the full low-down, check out our review right here.

  • “Explodemon! is exactly what a PSN game should be… a quirky concept well-executed, and with a sense of charm and fun that you’d be hard pressed to find in even the biggest releases around.” – PlayStation Official Magazine UK 7/10
  • “The writing is genuinely funny… the line it sometimes straddles of pithy absurdity is brilliant, with jokes that actually get funnier the second time you hear them… Explodemon’s gameplay orgy of combat, platforming and devious physics puzzles surpassed anything I could have hoped for.” – GayGamer
  • “A roller-coaster ride of blowing up enemies, with thrilling platforming elements… brutal but always mentally rewarding puzzles… a blockbuster event of a game.” – DIYGamer
  • “Explodemon! is an homage to the 16-bit era, and a reminder of everything I love about gaming.” – TheSixthAxis 8/10
  • “It’s immensely satisfying once you really start digging into the depth of the game’s core mechanics… something of a gem.” – Joystiq 4/5

Apparently TSA is within a “beautiful angel chorus of some of games journalism’s most cherubic of stars.”  Couldn’t agree more.

Now, where’s that harp?



  1. Will usually give a demo a go… always pleasing that devs put out demos. Makes me more likely to buy.

  2. Above Joystiq i see, although still got some way to go to beat GayGamer in the pecking order of journalism quotes. Keep plucking that harp TSA.

    I wonder if you will ever make the dizzy heights of back of box quotes, or even better front of box sticker!

    • If I recall correctly, a TSA review snippet was on the LittleBig Planet emails that were sent out by Sony a while back?

      • I remember that, not sure if it was LBP or not though. I think it was a PSN game, maybe.

    • We’re still in search of our first box-quote (I think), though I did see a blurb I wrote about God of War III appear on a poster once.

      You know that when we do get a box quote it will invariably be Dan with something along the lines of “I’d take my pants off for this game, no questions asked.”

      • Maybe when that project CB and Nofi are working on and keep posting about gets released you can have a TSA quote on the ‘box art’ for that…. although would that be a conflict of interest?

        Doesn’t everyone take their pants off for a game?

      • The game, which I like to call MURDERBALL, is from Nofi and Michael. And it won’t come in a box, unfortunately.

  3. I’m not sure about this but i’ll certainly give the demo a blast.

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