PlayStation Store Redesign Coming Soon?

Following last week’s store update it seems Sony are working on something behind the scenes in regards to the PlayStation Store.

Over on the EU PlayStation Blog, site member Roxas598 posted the comment:


Oh yeah Ross any plans to re-design the store??

kinda like WLM change the desgin every year to keep it phresh Lol

To which Ross McGrath (from the PlayStation Store Team) replied:

There is some activity in this area actually, nothing to share yet.

It just goes to show that PlayStation are working on a making the store “phresh”, so does tomorrow’s maintenance prepare us for a new-look store?

And, as the store is part of the system software – getting its images and content from the network – does this mean a new firmware is coming soon, too?

We’ll just have to wait and find out.



  1. The store as it is works just fine. Wouldn’t say no to an improvement though!

    • it has a poor user interface and the user is always given to much info to deal with

      • I actually feel it works just about well enough. Then again, I can be considered pretty savvy when it comes to anything technology-related so I guess the average gamer may find it a bit user-unfriendly.

        As I’ve already mentioned, wouldn’t say no to an improvement ;)

      • If you want to see a cruddy interface, you should check out the xbox360 ;) At least the PSN has a search function!

      • The Xbox store doesn’t have a Search function?! Well that sucks lol.

        I wouldn’t know, only ever been on a 360 for an odd game or two with a bunch of mates. PS fanboy over here ;P

      • Lol, same here pretty much, but I do fire up my 360 occasionally to download any demos that the 360 store gets before PSN. Every time it ends up as a long winded chore trying to find the content I’m after lol

      • What the 360 does have tho is the ability to login via any web browser and queue up downloads, and then auto downloads them when you next switch on.. That would be an awesome feature to bring to PSN.

      • i prefefer a new xmb, friend list & tropphies to have more info/functionality added &or redsigned.
        (prefer original friend list & original, higher res xmb icons)

      • “…new XMB…”
        If they do change the PS3’s menu it wouldn’t carry the XMB name, as it’s a standardised menu accross all Sony platforms, so would need to be changed accros them. I want the smaller font back at least.

      • Well shifty360, welcome to TSA. From your user name I could presume you are an Xbox fan, but I’ll check that assumption at the door.

        I’m interested to know how, on Earth, you find the user interface poor? I can’t assume you have (although I do) used the Xbox marketplace, but that shit show is a good example of poor layout. At least in the PS Store you can find what you are looking for in reasonably logical places. It also has a very functional search system for those obscure items.

        Above all that however, is probably my biggest relief with the PS Store, it has a logical start and end to the layered menu system. You can drill down in a menu, but know that circle (or X if you’re in Asia) will always take you back out again. With the Xbox marketplace, and it’s infinitely cycling menus, its just not intuitive where you are, or how deep you are in each section.

        As for info to deal with, the human brain can process and remember about 7 to 8 things at once. It seems to me that the PS Store pretty much nails that figure perfectly. I’m sorry it’s too much for you, but I guess there are always statistical anomalies ;).

    • Yeah you just have to look at the reccommendations side-bar to see how well it works…

  2. Don’t they usually announce this sort of thing before it happens though? I think its a coincidence.

    Whenever it happens though, will be interesting to see how it changes. The current store is a huge improvement over the original.

  3. Going from the web-based Store to the application was a firmware update, yeah, but when they updated the style (from this: to this: it was just a flick of the switch – no FW.

    • I did think about that, don’t know why I changed it to be honest. But maybe from thost images it was simply a new background and newer images. Hopefully this new one has a littlemore depth.

    • Awww, that first image made me all nostalgic.

  4. Needs an update, even if its just the icons like the US store which are clearly labelled game, demo, trial, media etc

    • Mostly categorising the downlaods and changing the main categories, add in an apps tab, removingthe bulk of pinned items under “latest”

    • and make sure if the store item is dlc for a game, they actually tell you what game it’s for.
      and clearly mark what format the download is for, either psp or ps3.

      • agreed…
        many times have seen dlc with no clues as to which game it belongs to.
        i think as many games, dlc & themes should have previews. many times the inclusion or lack of a preview, has made or lost them a sale from me.

    • I must admit it bugs me how many menus I need to navigate through to find the avatars section at the moment.

    • would like this, same me alot of time

  5. Integrate PSN into Home so you can “go shopping”. Maybe not.

  6. It could maybe explain the silence regarding if the store would be updated before tomorrow’s maintenance.

  7. I think the main thing that needs work is the downloaded items list – mine is a good few hundred long so it’s pretty hard to find things I’ve actually paid for

    • +1. Hadn’t thought of that current limitation. A search/filter function would be handy

    • It would be great to remove old/free content… then pages

  8. The store is terrible – there are more than 20 items released each week so new stuff is missed off the front page.

  9. if they do update they better get rid of that bloody annoying 5 second lock down on the store every time you download something.

    • oh and get rid of that orange background on some sections of the store, it makes it virtually impossible to see the items on the store.

    • Oh I hate that. Yes please. Makes downloading all the PSN Plus Avatars one after each other a right chore.

    • That hasn’t always been there, and I’m not sure why it came in but I agree it can be a little frustrating. It _might_ be to do with security checks, can’t think why else it would need to pause for so long.

  10. Is it me or is taking the store down one hour after the weekly update just dumb?

    • No, it’s not you, it is pretty dumb

    • Which makes it all the more suspicious.

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