Shadows of the Damned GDC Trailer

Described as a love story in hell, check out the latest Shadows of the Damned trailer as showcased at this year’s GDC.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest slice of macabre fun, prepare to get a glimpse of what goes on in Suda-san’s twisted and shotgun-infested mind.


Garcia Hotspur was a man that had it all. A killer motorcycle, a sweet leather jacket, and a hot girlfriend … from hell.

Surprisingly, the above is a pretty typical description of most of the hipsters who frequent Kabukicho on a Friday night.

Source: Grasshopper twitter account



  1. over the top? cheesy? the premice seems solid.

    but if the gameplay is generic hack and slash or FPS then its all ruined.

  2. That looks so freakin’ awesome.

  3. that looks really cool! Still reminds me off Dante’s Inferno.

    • Yeah it’s very Dante in places – looks great though.

  4. Looks suitably mental. I want to play it.

  5. Dante meets Ghost Rider.

  6. Mind: Blown. I didn’t expect that at all.

    So it’s Devil May Cry/Dante’s Inferno + Resi 5’s shooting + utter insanity. Alright then.

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