Hudson To Now Focus On Social Network Games

We brought you the news a while back that big changes were happening at developer, Hudson. Andriasang are reporting that Hudson is now 100% Konami property, and from here on out will be focusing on social network games. The company will be initiating a voluntary redundancy program for 40 members of staff, and those who volunteer will receive severance, bonuses and assistance with future job placement.

Hudson will also be shutting down its US subsidiary, Hudson Entertainment Inc, at the end of this month.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Crikey. To be fair, that’s where the money is…

  2. I thought that was the only sort of thing Hudson did anyway. the only two games I know them for are: Bust-a-move and Bloody Roar. The latter of which, to be fair, was not a SN game.

  3. Who will do the Bomberman games then? Or does the multiplayer aspect make them “social”? ;-)

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