Tomb Raider III Released on EU PSN Today

Continuing on their theme of re-releasing PSOne classics, Square Enix have announced that Lara’s third adventure, Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, will hit the EU PSN today. Before the network goes dark, of course.


The bra-busting endangered species culling reoffender will cost you €9.99/£7.99. Tomb Raider III is already available on the NA store, and has been since September 2009. Better late than never, eh?

Source: Square Enix Members



  1. still with the ridiculous pricing?

    • I don’t think I paid much more than that price when I bought TR3 new, back in the day.

    • Yeah it’s a shame, i buy most of my ps1 original disks for 2.99 euro.

  2. Think I’ll wait for the HD re-makes with trophy support.

  3. HD-remakes of PS1 games?

  4. Pricey yes but I am a sucker for some Tomb Raider.
    Once TR2 hits the store I will buy 1,2,3,4 & 5 (at 7.99 a throw…gulp) AND the TR trilogy that is coming out at the end of the month. Will be nice to have the entirity of my favourite gaming series on my PS2 (with the exception the crappy Angel of Darkness of course!)

    • *on my PS3!

      • I liked the Angel of Darkness, ok it wasn’t finished but still. It has a charm.

      • I loved Angel of Darkness… don’t hate me…

  5. Sorry but that price is madness. I just had a quick search and you can get 3 AND 4 on PC for under a fiver.

    • There is a problem with older games on PCs though. I bought the TR collection (1,2,3,4,5 and angel of darkness) for £20 once and found most simply aren’t compatible with my current win7 machine.

      • That’s what virtualisation is for :)
        Win7 has virtual PC built in for free, you just need to dig out an old Windows 98 CD to install

      • I’d never thought of that! I regularly use Virtual PC in my job (computer techie) but I never thought about using it for gaming. I think I still have the collection somewhere around the house so I’ll have to fish it out at some point and test it :)

  6. Not for that price

  7. I still have the disc versions of 3 & 4 so don’t think i’ll be getting this but nice to see more PSOne classics coming to PSN

  8. why don’t they release the whole lot (or as many as they can fit) on a single blu-ray add trophy support and charge £40 i’d buy that without question.

  9. £7.99 is just to much for something you can pick up for silly money.

  10. Tiger Blood! Anyone notice during Charlie Sheen’s rant on top of a building rooftop, that he was drinking Tiger Blood! :)

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