Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Hits EU PSN Tomorrow

One of the most regularly requested of all PSOne games, Square Enix have now confirmed that demonic classic, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, will launch on the EU PSN tomorrow.


Going on to influence the likes of today’s Fringe (we’re kidding), Soul Reaver’s disfigured and vampiric protagonist, Raziel, could switch between the material plane and a twisted, spectral realm. With time operating differently in bizarro world, the blood-sucking pre-emo goth-head could manipulate objects and his environment before shifting back into the “real” world to avail of the reality-bending mechanical manifestations. He’s also a wraith who causes magic weapons to explode when they hit him. Hardcore.

Released in 1999, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is highly regarded among action-adventure fans, garnering a whopping 91% on Metacritic. It will be available for the princely sum of £7.99/€9.99.

Source: Square Enix Members



  1. My favorite series ever… Hoping for Soureaver 2 and Defiance someday…

  2. This game is teh awesomesauce. Glad it’s finally released in Europe. Been out in the US for awhile now.

  3. Epic!!!
    I missed out on this and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it forever.

    • :O I am shocked. This is a serious contender for my coveted ‘Best PS1 game ever’ trophy.

  4. what is it with square and the pricing for their ps1 games?

    i can understand that price for the 3 and four disc final fantasy games, but for the likes of this and the tomb raider games, it’s a bit much.

    • To me, the PSOne Classics on PSN are only worth playing on the PSP. €10 to play a classic on the move? Depends on how much you want to play that classic on the move, but for many this adds up as good business.

      • i bought final fantasy for 8 quid to play on my psp, even though i have the original on disc, platinum version.
        so i think some titles

        there need to be some sort of gudelines for publishers for pricing ps1 games i feel, if they’re charging based on the popularity or quality of the title then some of those games from the ps1’s shovelware period and the end of it’s run should cost pennies.

        multi disc titles can cost more, but single disc games should cost less.

        i know for a fact more people would buy the game at £3.99 than at £7.99, i suspect a hell of a lot more.

        it’s a shame, because that is a bloody good game.

    • Unlike many classics…. this is a classic

  5. I actually never played this.. I might try it out.

  6. Awesome game. I’m still hoping for an EU release of the original Blood Omen though, its the only one I haven’t played!

  7. not for me thanks – £8 is way too much! FF7/8/9 are worth £8 but this isnt..!

    • (T_T)…. trust me its worth it, its one of the best Playstation games without a doubt

    • more than worth it.

  8. Awesome game, but i am sooo over PSone games now – They just don’t stack up unfortunately & the few that i have played have just ruined the fond memories that i had of the title. I think i’ll pass.

  9. I bought this last year from a second hand shop for £2… bargain!

    One of my favourite games of all time (along with soul reaver 2) but it’s not worth £8.

  10. This was pretty much my favourite game ever. I loved the mechanic of using different ‘realms’ and Raziel’s sword was so bad ass by the end of the game. All the brothers, everything – as near to a perfect game as I could have liked. Perhaps I’m looking at it through nostalgia tinted raybands, but I know you Raziel. You are worthy.

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