Is It Time To Bring Back The PlayStation Classics Like Crash Bandicoot And Syphon Filter?

Yesterday we reported on a domain registration related to Legacy of Kain, lending some credence to the rumours that the series will be making a return. I’ve never actually played the Legacy of Kain series, and its potential return doesn’t have me interested in the least. However, in the way that pieces of news often do, it sparked off a thought about what games I’d like to see come back or be rebooted.

The first one to leap to mind was Crash Bandicoot, a series that I desperately want to see come back. It was never as significant a part of my childhood as the Sonic series was, probably because it came into my life when I was older, but I absolutely adored it. It was obvious that many others did too, with Crash becoming the de facto mascot for PlayStation.

Ultimately there were eighteen games in the series including spinoffs, although I’d say there were six core games and we haven’t had one of those since 2007. I mean technically you could include 2008’s Mind over Mutant, but I don’t believe it was a proper platformer like earlier entries.

I know that, to some extent, platformers have become old hat now; the once dominant genre has largely fallen by the wayside to be replaced with action adventure titles and first person shooters. I accept that, it’s just the way of things, and maybe it isn’t the right time for a platformer like Crash Bandicoot to make a return.

On the other hand the popularity of Rayman, and the fury about Legends’ delay and loss of exclusivity, does seem to indicate that there’s still a market for that kind of bright, cartoonesque platformer.

A more likely return, and one I indicated earlier this week that I’d love to see, is the Syphon filter series. Much like Crash Bandicoot it hasn’t cropped up since 2007, a gap that I’d say is long enough to warrant a return from the wilderness. Perhaps some see the series as too close to Splinter Cell in tone, but I think it’s got enough to set it apart, as well as being in a nice position for either a reboot or simply a new game in the series.

Syphon Filter does seem like it would be a better fit for the general attitude in gaming right now, and whether it comes as a reboot or a sequel I could see a returning Syphon Filter as a strong candidate for a PS4 launch title. I’ve no idea if the series has really stuck in anyone else’s memory like it has mine, but beyond the name on the box the series is just a good fit for this moment in time, while being just different enough from most of what’s already out there to make it grab hold of the public.

The announcement of launch titles for next-gen consoles that will, in all likelihood, dominate E3 has had me vaguely wondering about the concept of returning titles for a little while now. Although I’m a big backer of new IP for a new generation, the success of Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed this generation make it clear just why, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dusting off something that’s been sitting in the cupboard for a while and seeing if something can be made of that.

While there are plenty of games that deserve another shot at greatness, Crash Bandicoot and Syphon Filter are the two that really perk my interest. However, I’m really interested to know if there’s anything you’d like to see make its way back into the spotlight. Hopefully you’ll spark my interest in something else as well.



  1. Syphon Filter and Crash would be great.

    But can we go back to the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy of games? From what I can tell Spyro is barely used in Skylanders, Activision can afford to put forward a seperate series to that!

    • Spyro the Dragon: Origins would be awesome. Loved the old games. Slap Rayman Origin’s art style on it and I’d be all over it!

      • It’d be interesting to see how it played. I want to see something that lets me link Spyro and Lair, like they are in my head.

  2. No thanks, new stuff on a new console, not old stuff with new graphics.

    • A reboot can be something new to a lot of people.

      There’s a whole generation who never saw a good Crash. Syphon Filter hasn’t appeared on even the PS3 yet either, Sony Bend focused exclusively on PSP and now Vita.

  3. Onimusha!

  4. I’d rather have Jak & Daxter than Crash, mainly due to Crash going massively down hill since Naughty Dog stopped working on it and isn’t an IP Sony own. The Syphon Filter games were some of the best on the PSP so some Vita games would be good.

    Maybe they could also revive The getaway and 8 days

    • Getaway would be good, always thought it was better than GTA.

  5. Destruction Derby…

    • Oh yes! Destruction Derby 2 was great. I have never, ever got past the first arena level. At some point I just asumed it was bugged because even if I ended up being the last survivor I got a game over screen…

      • gotten*

      • No need to correct, fella. “Gotten” is usually considered bad English outside of America and there are far better/nicer words to use than “gotten”.

      • Well, most of my knowledge of the English language comes from my American Dad, so I have a valid excuse! :D

      • Slap him.

      • From your American Dad or from American Dad?

      • From MY American Dad, but Roger from THE American Dad refined it. :P

    • Im with you DD was fantastic, I got it on my vita, but the graphics are to horrific to look at! lol

    • Destruction derby 1 & 2 gaming gold ah the memories I’d buy a new one in a flash..make it so.

  6. I’m not against another Crash game but as the series has been neglected last generation it doesn’t really have the strength to be a launch title.

  7. I think like TC says a new console needs a new start. There are staples of the PlayStation brand like Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer but its hard to pin down why they’re accepted as such, rather than being greeted with cynicism like Call of Duty. I reckon Sackboy should belong with this generation, Jak with the last and Crash with the one before, the next PlayStation needs a new identity of its own.

  8. I really enjoyed the crash bandicoot series in the PS1 days never really got into it with the PS2.

  9. Kris… Kris..!


  10. A new Crash Team Racing would be awesome, and I wish they never cancelled the new Getaway game, that would have been awesome.

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