War In The North: GDC Trailer

Tolkien nerds, get your mithril vests and Sting blades at the ready for the latest Lord of the Rings: War in the North trailer, straight out of GDC 2011. The two most notable aspects of the 90-second teaser have to be the game’s emphasis on the fantasy violence, with heads and other miscellaneous limbs flying left, right and center, and the soundtrack. Though not stripped from the film trilogy archives, it’s just as resounding.

Apart from a few unseen cutscenes, including a near escape for the dwarf character, there are also some new locales as well the first glimpse of a terrifying boss battle.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. At first, I thought the advertisement was part of the trailer. So glad it wasn’t.

    • was confused as to why Lara was in LOTR too.

      • haha, same, i was like im sure that huge ball was not in lord of the rings

    • Me too! I was very concerned :/ However, the game itself looks good, a bit more gore than in previous Tolkien outings!

  2. Why is there a ad for a game that has been out for ages?O_O

    we can finally cut off a orc’s head in a LOTR game!? It looks like an average game IMO.

  3. i don’t get what they’ve done that makes this game worth getting. from the looks of it all they did was add a lot of violence :/ and its never a good thing to just chuck that into a game without reason

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