Naruto Shippuden 3DS Confirmed For Europe

It has been confirmed that Naruto Shippuden 3DS will indeed be heading to Europe “before the end of the year”, which is a pleasant surprise for those expecting it to remain firmly in Japan. No plans for North America have been mentioned yet.

The game will see you take control of Naruto and up to three assist characters per level as they battle a new enemy – all in glorious 3D.


“Naruto fans will be able to engage in a bespoke storyline based on the last events of the manga and animation series, featuring an all new female ninja character, Malice.

The mysterious Five Kages, will also make their first videogame appearance in an adventure which spans nine different locations, with secret items and stages aplenty to be unlocked along the way.”

Source: Press Release



  1. *Waits for Dragonball announcement

  2. Nice to see that Europe is going to get this game – maybe we’ll get more Japanese games in the future. I want a Bleach game though…

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