New Trailer For Transformers: DOTM

After that rather lacklustre teaser trailer, Activision have released a new video for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. This new trailer includes a few scenes of gameplay. New characters include Warpath (the red tank) and  Shockwave (one eyed robot).

Returning for the third game are Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Starscream, Mixmaster, Ratchet, Ironhide and Soundwave – now with added Laserbeak! Soundwave appears to be the silver SLS Mercedes seen recently on the movie set and is no longer the tentacled satellite rapist featured in the second movie.

Source: YouTube



  1. Have they ever made a truly good Transformers game? i`m struggling to think of one.

    • The latest one was meant to pretty good.

      • Trouble is that apart from the latest one (& perhaps earlier games which I can’t remember right now), they have all been based upon films & we all know how those usually turn out right?

    • I quite enjoyed the last one :)

    • Yes War for Cybertron. It was brilliant playing as Autobots and Decepticons. Also the Multiplayer was brilliant too! Had tons of fun playing that and the leveling up was a chore but thank god they did a double XP weekend twice =)
      Got a Platinum from that game.

      Great trailer for the Dark side of the Moon (Is that Pink Floyd music o_0) lol.

      • It’s the same guys making this new one, but given the short time between the 2, my expectations are low.

    • the armada game on ps2 was pretty good.

      • the only game i know with armada in the title was Star Trek Armada and its sequel, bloody good games especially when modded, i still play them now although the better half loves to describe that particular activity as “Nerding it up” :D

    • Transformers on PS2 was great fun.

  2. That wasn’t in disguise at all!

  3. megatron’s gone punk? or is there some other reason for the chains?

    anyway, let’s hope this is actually a halfway decent game this time, though the chances of that are slim.

    cool to see laserbeak, shame they had to kill ravage in revenge though, because the movie version was pretty bloody awesome.

  4. Played the last film tie-in the missions were EXACTLY the same each time, dont think ill bother with this. War of Cybertron was good though

    • DOTM is being created by the WFC team :)

      • And it looks it as well. I missed the 2nd movie game.

  5. Will have to pick up the last one at some point.

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